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Discover the magic
of your breath!
Seminar in «Transformational Breath»

The ultimate transforming week!

15th to 20th of September 2014 in the magical Kiental, Bernese Mountains
Are you looking for a real change in your life?
Are you looking to reconnect with yourself, to live your life fully and fill
it with purpose, joy and freedom?
Come and learn to master one of the most powerful breath techniques
in just under one week!


Nadja Benschop from Holland,
Transformational Breath Senior trainer

During this week you will connect deeply with your self, make large
leaps in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.
You will live an unforgettable, heart opening and beautiful week,
with around 12 breathing sessions as well as other different healing
modalities that you will be able to integrate and use in your daily life.
Lots of professional staff will gently guide and support you through
your healing process.

Cost of the seminar without accommodation:

CHF 1’650.- (1’500.- for registration

until the End of May 2014)

Language: English. Possible translation in another

language, depending on interest.

To register or for more information please contact:
Catherine Rusconi,
Tel. +41 (0)79 419 37 68

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