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Motor-CAD v5.1 Release
January 2009
Supported Motor Types:
· Brushless Permanent Magnet
· Induction Motors

Motor-CAD is the leading software package dedicated to the thermal
analysis of motors and the optimisation of motor cooling.
Motor-CAD enables motor designers to optimise their designs for energy
efficiency, size and cost reduction. Motor-CAD provides the crucial link
between the electromagnetic design and thermal analysis of motors. It
makes it quick and straightforward for non heat transfer specialists to
evaluate different cooling options during the design process.

· Switched Reluctance Motors
· Outer Rotor Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors
· Permanent Magnet DC Motors
· Synchronous Machines
· Claw Pole Machines
· Single Phase Induction

Wide Range of Cooling
Options including:
· Natural Convection (Totally
Enclosed, Non Ventilated)
· Forced Convection (Totally
Enclosed, Fan Cooled)

Motor-CAD has a user friendly
interface that allows the user to
enter the geometry, winding
data, losses, materials and
cooling details. All the thermal
parameters such as convection
and radiation coefficients are
automatically calculated.
Motor-CAD supports a wide
range of Motor Types and has
a comprehensive range of
cooling options available.
Motor-CAD radial cross section editor

Motor-CAD provides the ability
to quickly and easily perform steady state and transient thermal analysis of
Electric Motors. The results are presented in an easy to view form.

· Through Ventilation
· Radiation
· Stator Water Jackets
· Rotor Water Jackets
· Wet Rotor and Wet Stator
· Submersible
· Spray Cooling
· Direct Conductor Cooling

Duty cycle editor

Transient results

Comprehensive Results
Analysis including:
· Thermal Equivalent Circuits
· Transient Graphs
· Temperatures Displayed on
Cross Sections
· Comprehensive Output Data
· Sensitivity Analysis
· Ability to export results

Thermal Equivalent Circuit

Temperatures Displayed on Axial Cross Section

Motor-CAD v5.1 New Features
The development of Motor-CAD v5.1 has been driven by the user requirements.
There are many new features that will be of interest to existing and new users of
A range of new features have been added that include:
· New Geometries:
· BPM Interior magnet rotors (IPM)
· Slotless Winding Geometry
· Housed BPM Outer Rotor
· BPM Outer Rotor Axle mounting
· Sensitivity Analysis – multi-parametric and linked solving with improved graphing capabilities.
· Fluid Database – allows fluid property variation with temperature to be
· Reduced Node Transient model – creates a simplified thermal network
for faster transient calculation and for use in thermal overload protection.
· Improved links to SPEED software – allowing the automatic calibration of the SPEED thermal models.
· Internal scripting interface – allows Visual Basic scripting of MotorCAD and any other ActiveX compatible tools.

New Slotless Winding Type

New fluid database

Improved Sensitivity Analysis
New axle mounted BPM outer rotor

The improvements to existing features include:
Transient Power Graph showing power variation with time and temperature.
New wet rotor cooling options for fluid flow down slots.
Bearing axial offset.
New PMDC and BPMOR wedge winding models
Improved winding layer model defined by number of layers.
Faster ActiveX commands.
Component hints on diagrams to aid use.
Rectangular conductors.
Simplified winding description with average, maximum and minimum temperatures.
Ability to specify duty cycle using torque values directly.
New bearing model with separate bearing node.
Transient startup temperature option for starting at coolant temperature.
Display of delta temperatures on results sheets.
Increased user customisation, fonts sizes, saved settings.
Full Microsoft Vista support.

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