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cv société univers de l'agriculture s.a 2 .pdf

Nom original: cv société univers de l'agriculture s.a 2 .pdf
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Legal form: S.A.
Creation date: 9 September 2013
Capital: 665,000 . 000 Dt
Service Tax : 1312880/N/A/M/000
Trade register: B02162892013

The company's purpose : cold storage , storage , storage , cooling, packaging and
storage of fruits and vegetables and other food products that are ready to conservation
Its object extends . also the marketing and production of all food and near-food products,
direct or indirect participation of society in all operations related to the aforementioned
through the creation of new companies subject , contribution, sponsorship , subscription
or purchase of securities or rights , merger , absorption, alliance, association or other
participation by all appropriate means and in any form whatsoever.
The realization of all real estate and other commercial, financial , industrial, securities,
may be related to the corporate purpose or promote development, all within the
framework of the legislation.

The head office is located at 12 Av November 20 City El Faouez Mourouj 5 , 2074 Tunisia

CEO : +216 97 169 638 / +216 27 091 917
Sales: +216 50661114
Email: univers.agriculture @

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