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Antipasto Tradizionale MKT
Chefs assorted selection of meats, seasonal vegetables and cheeses.
Zuppa B/ 11 C/ 6
Traditional Tuscan bean soup, aromatic vegetable, guanciale.
Capesante 17
Pan seared jumbo scallops, parsnip & fennel pollen puree, smoked pancetta & mustard seed
gremolata, vanilla bourbon demi.
Salsiccia con Polenta 15
House made sausage, roasted peppers & garlic, fontina cheese, broccoli rabe, Arrabbiata sauce.
Frittelle di Aragosta MKT
Larry’s lobster fritters, crispy sweet potato & leeks, honey balsamic reduction.
Arancini 14
Herb Arborio risotto balls, wild mushroom, porcini essence, fontina cheese, honey truffle aioli.
Caprese 16
Buffalo mozzarella cheese, basil, arugula, green tomato gazpacho, assorted tomato.
Barbabietole 15
Marinated beets, persimmons, candied pecan, whipped feta cheese, wintergreens, and pear
Mista 12
Seasonal greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, reggiano, baby potato, shallot vinaigrette.

Marinated olives 5 Spinach & feta risotto 10 Spaghetti alla chitarra 10
Garlicky broccoli rabe 7 Rustic truffle potato 9 Spinach 7

- DOLCE Flourless chocolate cake - Gluten free, dense chocolate cake. 9
Seasonal bread pudding. MKT
Tiramisu – Ladyfinger, coffee, layered with a rich cheese filling, and topped with grated
chocolate. 9

Owner Carla Agrippino-Gomes & Staff of Terramia are proud supporters of the Joslin Diabetes Center, The Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and The American Diabetes Association (ADA)


Vegan & Gluten free pasta is also available

Spaghetti alla Chitarra 18
House-made spaghetti, tomato sauce, fresh basil, parmegiano & reggiano, evoo.
Linguine alla Vongole 24
Ipswich clams, linguine pasta, colina tomato, parsley, chilies, garlic, vino.
Spaghetti alla Carbonara 22
Spaghetti, guanciale & smoked pancetta, english peas, egg yolk, triple cream, parmegiano&
reggiano, evoo.
Gnocchi con Agnello 24
House made potato dumplings, lamb roast tomato & pepper ragù, aromatic vegetables & herbs.
Cavatelli 25
Cavatelli pasta, broccoli rabe pesto, chili flakes, pork sausage, torn burrata, confit panko.
Spaghetti alla Amatriciana 22
Spaghetti alla Chitarra, spicey tomato & guancile sauce, chili flakes, parmegiano
Ravioli di Porcini 24
Black pepper pasta, porcini duxelle filling, wild mushroom marsala reduction.
Pappardelle alla Bolognese 25
Hand-cut pappardelle pasta, veal, pork and beef tomato ragù, ricotta salata.
Raviolone Aperto 26
Open-face ravioli, scallops & shrimp, zucchini segments, lobster mascarpone reduction.


Add Seasonal truffles to any dish.... MKT

Pollo 26
Misty Knolls half chicken, Mediterranean herb crust, spinach & feta cake, crispy potato, pan
Bistecca 38
Prime Beef tenderloin, spinach, smoked gorgonzola, yukon golden mash, Brunello reduction.
Costata Di Vitello MKT
Cast Iron Seared, salt & pepper crusted, 16oz Veal chop, wild mushroom risotto, rabe,
roasted shallots in a truffle veal reduction.
Porchetta 28
Roasted pork, sweet potato polenta, rabe, chili, smoked pancetta & pear gremolata.
Pesce MKT
Chef’s fish creation of the day
* Consumption of undercooked animal foods significantly increases the risk of food borne illness
The health department recommends all animals’ foods to be cooked through.
Please notify server of any food, shellfish or nut allergy.
20% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.

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