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WARNING: The cameras must first be configured using manufacturer tools before using the app.
Although much of the setup functions is available in the application, it is preferable to ensure proper
setup and operation in the software environment provided by the manufacturer. The internet box must
also be configured for external access (port forwarding - see below).

Ergonomics  for  displays  
a. Main  screen  

Add a cam

Control and alarm
indicator for
relevant camera

Delete cam or update
cams order

Access to relevant
cam configuration
Snapshot (rounded corners) or
Video (right corners)
Touch image to go to video


Pull down to refresh if

Access to app general

Set alarm on for all

Stop alarm for all

Start or stop patrol
between preset points

b. Video  screen  

Recording current postition in
one of the four targets (or in
the sleep or work position)

Buttons to record or go to
registred positions

Start or stop patrol
between recorded
positions (Only when
app is active)  

Gestes autorisés dans l’écran vidéo
- Glissé droite/gauche/haut/bas : déplacement caméra
- une tape : arrêt du déplacement
- double tape : zoom max/dézoom max
- deux touches pincé/écarté : zoom positif et négatif
- appui long : centrage caméra sur ce point

Standard cam
horizontal and vertical
patrol (works eaven
when app is stopped)
Switch from 320/240
to 640/480 video

Activation of the relay for external
control module (siren, lighting) or
disable infrared lighting based on
camera models

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