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Bal du Tennessee Country Boots
Samedi 15 Mars 2014
Hooked on Country
Wave On Wave
Whiskey’s Gone
Where I Belong
To Hell And Back
Duty Free
Colorado Girl
Bare Essentials

1er Set: The Partners
Wild Stallion
Home To Louisiana (P)
Duchess / Tush Push
Salle du Vieux Moulin
Western Barn Dance (P)
Rue de l'Étang
Texas Waltz (P)
Easy Come Easy Go
Sugar Kane / Rhyme Or Reason
Boot Scooting Boogie
Redneck Woman / J’ai Du Boogie
Let’ Er’ Rip
Love Story / Forever Little (P) / Little Story
Cowboy Boogie / Foxy Girl
The Trail
God Blessed Texas
Quarter After One / Need You Know
Magic Moon (P) /Dreamwest
Rolling In The Deep
Cowboy Charleston
Let’s Have Fun / Burning Love
Darlin’ (P)
Billy’s Dance (P)
Nathan’s Wagon (P)
Little Wagon Wheel
Lost In Me
Fais Dodo
Go Cat Go
Go Mama Go
Cotton Pickin’ Morning
Open Heart Cowboy
Amazing Grace
Long Hot Summer

Mess Of Blues
Knee Deep
Less Traveled
Galway Girl
You Get It

Animation CD
Avec Vincent

2ème Set: The Partners
Country Walking
Tush Push
Rodéo Princess (P)
She’s No Good / Jumping Jump
The World
Somebody Like You
Everybody Knows
Never Ever / Prune
Jambalaya (P)
Mexican Wind (P)
Cut A Strut
Cut A Rug
Proud Mary
An Absolute Dream
Bruises (P)
Doctor Doctor
Country As Can Be
Askin’ Questions
Two Boys
Something In The Water
Skiffle Time
Jailhouse Creole
Toes (P)
Grundy Gallop
Irish Stew
Picnic Polka
Messed Up Memphis
Urban Life
Heart Of An Angel (P)
Somewhere In My Car
Walking Away
Celtic Slide / La Chapelloise
Country Road
Seminole Wind





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