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The Anglo-Algerian Cooperation

Would you like to tell everyone the answer
you were thinking of again because I don't
think they heard it when you spoke so
quietly and I'm sure we'd all be interested in
hearing it if you could please?

Training Teachers

That's not exactly right, in fact it's not right.
You really would have to use a continuous form
here, because you are describing what birds are
doing – Do you see?
Now look at the second passage and change all the
tenses so that it sounds ok… like a story

*- For more practice, the learners are asked to adapt some instructions on their course books.
The following table shows the instructions that are to be adapted are:
Year One
Ex (C) p69
/ Ex (a) p110
Year Two
Ex (4) p11
/ Ex (1) p61
/ Ex (02) p106
Year Three
Ex (2) p24
/ Ex (1) p45
/ Ex (1) p138
Year Four
Ex (1) p34
/ Ex (1-3) p79
/ Ex (1) p151
*- For further reading, the learners are directed to the following website:

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