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Moving blocks surpluses
The use of brick is limited to the
designed to smooth the ramps (Fig. 8,
sawtooth on the bottom ramp).
Our method requires far fewer bricks
than those recommended by Georges
Goyon and Jean-Philippe Lauer.
We only suggested these structures by
dotted on the upper ramp because they
have masked the implantation of the
coating in the ramps in their final
position (Fig. 8 shifted clear blocks).
Fig. 8 : Initial configuration. (Illustration by the author on the scale of the pyramid of Menkaure)



Fig. 9 : Moving surpluses blocks (Illustrations by the author)

Each level of blocks, located beyond the slope line of the final pyramid, materialized
by coating blocks, is stacked and moved to the other end of the ramp. The two upper
levels have been moved here (Fig. 9 A, a little more clear blocks down).
The transfer of blocks from top to bottom would benefit of the progressive dismantling
of smoothing brick structure (suggested by the dotted lines, Fig. 9 A) and bottom-up
could be achieved by the use of secondary ramps or any process hoisting.