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Teacher Training Report MR Dahmane Kidar.pdf

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The Anglo-Algerian Cooperation Training Teachers

On March22nd,2009, the British Council in Algeria organized five training days for the
Algerian teachers of English aiming at strengthening the relation between the two countries
and to improve teachers' teaching background. The meeting took place at Hassiba Ben
Bouali Secondary School in Algiers. There were three trainers: Jancis Macgrady (Scottish),
Paul Harvey ( British ) and Eileen Murphy (Irish). They focused on the following points:

* - Classroom language
* - Teaching receptive skills (reading and listening)
*-Teaching speaking
* - Grouping students
* - Eliciting and concept checking
*- Teaching large classes
* - Teaching mixed ability classes
* -Adapting the course book
*-Teaching writing
*- Assessment