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Papers in Progress:
7- Transport Properties of Dirac Fermions in Graphene Sheet with two Barriers.
6- Tunneling Effect of Dirac Fermions in Linear Potential.
5- Confined Dirac Fermions in Graphene with Zeeman Term.
4- Current Transport in the Presence of Strong Coulomb Interaction.
3 - Dirac Fermions in Magnetic Field and one Barrier Potential.
2 - Diamagnetism of Dirac Fermions in Disordered Graphene and Variational Magnetic Field.
1 - Confined 2D System in Homogeneous Perpendicular Magnetic Field with Rashba Coupling.

Recent Talks & Lectures:
19- Introduction to Graphene Theory: Transport Properties & Diamagnetism, First Moroccan–
Saudi Meeting on Mathematical Physics, 16-26 July, Saudi Center of Theoretical Physics (SCTP),
Ifrane–Morocco (2010).
18- Dirac Fermions in Electromagnetic Field and Jaynes–Cummings Models, KACST 2nd Meeting on Quantum Optics and Informatics, 22-23 May, King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology