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Language Training for Professionals

Today’s marketplace is connected in
an unprecedented way. Diversifying
language skills in your organization will
allow you to capitalize on global opportunities, and give you an edge over
your competition. At Language Immersion, we recognize that today’s global
marketplace is a reality. Language Immersion offers an opportunity to maximize
your potential in today’s interconnected

Communicate fluently
with confidence

Language Immersion provides
specialized language training for
business professionals;
• Specialized language training in Spanish,
French, Portuguese and English.
• Committed to academic quality and individual learning.
• Each program is tailored to individual needs
to provide the most effective way to
develop communication skills.
• We hire only qualified native speaking teachers with expertise to meet client needs.
• Continuous feedback and progress monitored throughout language training.

“It was very convenient to have the
classes taught at our workplace.”



Since 2005, Language Immersion has been the
premier business language school in the GTA.
Exceptional teaching and quality results have
earned us a reputation few language schools
parallel. Our focus on the mining and financial
sectors allows us to offer customized language
programs that cater to these specific needs.

Learning another language takes dedication and
study time. We make the process as easy as possible
using results-driven learning tools and strategies.
Learning tools include both hardcopy and online
exercises to supplement daily practice.

Language Immersion offers one on one, group or
daily intensive language training. Classroom
instruction takes place at your workplace or a
convenient location.

Levels of Language Study


• Study basic communication
and functional vocabulary.
• Familiarity with commonly used
questions and phrases of the
• Express wants, preferences,
needs, likes and dislikes.


• Understand purpose and meaning of complex forms, a r t i c l e s ,
• Comprehension and use of proverbs and idioms.
• Prepare and deliver oral presentations.


• Extract meaning, general ideas
from text, magazines, web articles.
• Express and analyze opinions, read
and comprehend articles.
• Engage in general conversation
and keep the conversation going.

• Understand and participate in
complex conversations, industry
• Use and consolidate language
skills, nuances, expressions used
by native speakers.
• Express concepts fluently in front
of a business audience.

Create global opportunities for business success!
Contact us today to discuss
your language training needs.

Language Immersion Inc.

Language Learning Resources

3381 Skipton Lane
Oakville, ON, L6M 0K3
Phone: 416-357-7745 | 289-259-6775

Language Training for Professionals

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