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Comfort spheres were developed by IFHS response to requests from customers seeking improved comfort vis- à-vis
standard spheres for BX, XANTIA , XM, CX and also C5 I and II ( not for C5- C6 and X7 -> electronics ) .
I.F.H.S. softened from 10 to 15% depreciation ( more flexible ) low and high speed in both directions , " low and high speed
damping ."
I.F.H.S. never lost sight of the principle of safety for users . Spheres as "standard" , they have been approved by the
German TÜV . Their lifespan is identical to the standard spheres. They are still a " bestseller ."
ID - DS : Spheres "Authentic" sensation of driving Epoch , removable spheres ( + Soft ) who had a more important spheres
welded , currently 500 cm and initially charged to 59 bar in the volume front and 26 bar the rear.
CATALOGUE : Kit with 4 spheres comfort suspension.
Some Xantia and C5 meet the technical requirement to replace the regulator before a kit 5 spheres is proposed .

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