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of Otherness from Grimus to The Satanic Verses: The Power of the
other’s Gaze and the Subject’s Wavering between Scapegoating and
• 17:00-17:20: Dr. Selima Lejri (University of Tunis, Tunisia),
"Knee-crooking Knave": Servants' Discourses on Feudalism in
Shakespeare's Othello and King Lear.
• 17:20-17:40: Badreddine Ben Othman (University of Tunis El Manar,
Tunisia), Gender, Sexuality and Empowerment in Tony Kushner’s Angels
In America.
Discussion (20 minutes)

Conference Scientific Steering Committee
Dr. Amel Kallel
Dr. Boutheina Lassadi-Sayadi
Dr. Hager Ben Driss
Dr. Hanene Zoghlami-Oueslati
Dr. Lanouar Ben Hafsa
Dr. Leila Aouadi
Dr. Sahbi Hidri
Dr. Salah Oueslati
Dr. Semia Harbawi
Dr. Taher Labessi

Saturday 5 April, 2014

University of Tunis

Conference Organising Committee
Adel Grami
Awatef Ben Smida
Bechir Mechrgui
Dr. Hanene Zoghlami-Oueslati
Dr. Hella Turki-Ben Cheikh
Dr. Leila Aouedi
Slaheddine Kefi

Chair: Dr. Abdennebi Ben Beya (University of Tunis, Tunisia).
• 9:00-9:40: Invited speaker Dr. Jane Thomas (University of Hull,
UK), Power, Desire and Joy in Thomas Hardy's Later Novels Tess
of the d'Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure.
• 9:40-10:00: Amira Hedhili (University of Monastir, Tunisia), Urban
Flanery and the Poetics of (Dis) empowerment in Modern and Postmodern
Urban Literature.

Conference Coordinator

• 10:00-10:20: Nejib Swissi (University of Tunis, Tunisia),
‘Can Hi/stories Be Told From Below?’ A Paradoxical Reading of
Midnight’s Children.

Awatef Ben Smida

• 10:20-10:40: Dr. Rachid Amri (Umm Al-Qura University,
Saudi Arabia), Fatherhood and Power Relations in Irish Fiction: The
Case of Moran in John McGahern’s Amongst Women.
Discussion (20 minutes)
Coffee break (10 minutes)

Ecole Doctorale

Chair: Prof. Mounir Triki (University of Sfax).
• 11:10-11:30: Bechir Mechrgui (University of Tunis, Tunisia), Islamist
Groups (Muslim Brotherhood) from Counter-Power/ Opposition to Power.
• 11:30-11:50: Hela Ajmi (University of Tunis, Tunisia), The Expression
of Modality in Political Discourse: Mitigation and Power.
• 11:50-12:10: Dr. Boutheina Lassadi-Sayadi (University of Tunis,
Tunisia), Quality Assurance as a Powerful Target Countered by Reform
Projects: The Case of Tunisian Higher Education Sector.
Discussion (20 minutes)
12:30-13:00: Closing speech by prof. Mounir Triki (University of Sfax).


The Graduate School Structures, Systems
Models and Practices in Humanities.
The Higher Institute of Applied Studies
in Humanities, Tunis.
The Higher Institute of Human Sciences


The Laboratory History of Economies
and of Mediterranean Societies.
The Tunisian Association of Sociology.
Association Tunisienne
de Sociologie

3-4-5, April 2014
Venue: Guermedi

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