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For two years from the date of purchase . The guarantee covers the fact that IFHS suspension spheres to be free from defects caused
by design errors , manufacturing and / or material.
This 2-year warranty does not cover wear due to normal use ( as the gradual reduction of the initial pressure ), or defects caused by
improper installation or accident. The guarantee does not imply that repayment of the sphere IFHS faulty port went included without
further compensation in any form whatsoever, return costs are in all cases the responsibility of the Client. The interventions under
warranty can extend the initial period begins on the day of billing. In the case of parts not taken as collateral, if the customer so
requests , they will be shipped back to him the port, otherwise they will be destroyed 15 days after the result of the expert report which
has been communicated to the Client.
Assembly and installation of our products must be performed by the care of a Professional Motor Show . The responsibility of the
Company PALMA can not be sought for any breach of this rule with respect the responsibility of the buyer and the business of the
automobile. Stations mounting on our site are offered for guidance , without any connection with the Company Palma , the responsibility
can not be sought and / or engaged in any form whatsoever.
The I.F.H.S. CATALOGUE on our site " Sphere shop" is deemed to be the only competent to place your order , all the other information
is that for guidance and should be compared with the factory catalog IFHS which remains the reference tool to choose ( the ) ball ( s)
that correspond (s ) to your vehicle.
The orders are final upon receipt . Acceptance may also result from shipping goods . Any order implies acceptance to these terms and
conditions prevail over any conditions of purchase of the client. Our delivery times are not binding , they are indicative , non-compliance
can lead or penalties, or damages, or price reductions. Our products travel at the risk of the recipient upon delivery to the carrier , the
use in case of damage or loss of goods can not be exercised against the carrier. Accordance with the Code of transport and to avoid
litigation , unpack and inspect the goods in the presence of the carrier. In case of damage up to the conditions specified on the travel
voucher and to countersign the deliveryman. Confirm reservations within 48 hours to the carrier by registered letter with
acknowledgment of receipt and immediately send us a copy of the letter . (Art. 105 of the Commercial Code ) . Without respect of all of
the legal proceedings, any claim will be accepted. Shipping by Colissimo Poste followed . Delivery 9-15 days ( suggested ) .
PRICES . (Price h.tva indicative recognized public )
The PALMA Company reserves the right to change without notice or justification price products and transportation . Invoices are issued
at the rates in force, the amount of the port, in addition, is visible in the basket. Our rates are displayed in tax refunds and are not
subject to VAT .
Our products are payable by credit card to order. No discount for early payment.
In case of late payment, applying a fixed allowance for recovery costs 40 € under Article D. 441-5 of the Commercial Code and a rate of
10.75 %.
The Company remains the owner of PALMA products delivered until full and final payment of the price of sale, including tax and
accessories of all kinds recorded in accounting.
No return of our products, for whatever reason , will not be accepted or taken without prior written permission . Return costs of any kind
shall be borne by the customer. Lubricants ( consumables) and manufactured on request are not returned or exchanged . The
withdrawal period is dated to 14 working days for delivery . The carrier's receipt authentic . The refund will be effective within 30 days
after receipt of the documents . Parts must be received in their original packaging , undamaged , not mounted, possibly with
accessories, for times and in all cases sent to the address mentioned on our return agreement .
The photos offered on the site are not contractual .
Billing and delivery in United kingdom.
All disputes subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Avignon 84000 ( France ) .

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