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First Airborne Task Force
The Forgotten Paratroopers

My name is Loïc, I am 20, and am studying history at Aix-enProvence. I live in Pertuis, a small town liberated by the 45th
Infantry Division August 19, 1944...
I am interested by the events that touched the Provence during
World War Two, between August 15 and November 1944 for about
5 years now where I attended my first commemorations in August
2009, on the Drop Zone of the Operation Dragoon. I was
immediately fascinated by these stories completely forgotten in
favor of those who participated in the Normandy landings, which
equally merit. Since 2009, my research that centralizes the landing
in Provence, especially the 1st Airborne Task Force, but also the
7th Army.
I am also interested in other more obscure units as the 36th and
48th Engineer Battalion the 2nd Chemical Battalion, but, as you
may have noticed, the Ranger in Italy, the famous "Ranger Force"
of Colonel Darby having experienced a tragic end in January 1944...
And of course, several units of the 5th and 7th Army during the
Italian campaign as Sicily, Salerno, Cassino, and Anzio.
During these five years, I had the chance to meet several veterans
of these units or to talk with them by letter, email or by facebook,
too !

Deux autres servants de mortiers sont enterrés à SaintAvold.

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