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Job Offer CommunityContent Manager EN .pdf

Nom original: Job Offer_CommunityContent Manager_EN.pdf
Auteur: Raquel Rio Tinto

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WOM is the leading agency in word-of-mouth in Portugal. WOM – Word-of-mouth Marketing
Agency is undergoing a process of strong international growth and expansion. WOM develops
marketing campaigns for international brands using the oldest and most effective sales tool –
the word-of-mouth.
We intent to integrate 4 Community Managers in our team, who will be handling communities
and marketing campaigns in several European and South, Central and North American countries,
in a 12 months trainee program with the possibility of incorporation in the company (Estágio
professional remunerado).
We are looking for dynamic professionals, with great communication skills and team spirit. The
applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the fields of Marketing, Business
Management or Communication. The level of “native” or “proficient” in the language of the
community to manage is mandatory. The communities’ languages and respective references are
as follows:

English (Ref EN)
Spanish (Ref ES)
French (Ref FR)
German (Ref DE)

An advanced level of English is valued in all applications and references.
Develop your skills in a fast-growing company, with the possibility of incorporation and career
development, in a young and multicultural environment.
The applicants must send their Curriculum Vitae in English to, referencing the
desired opening (language reference) in the e-mail’s subject.

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