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Titre: Reflective English Language Teaching: Exploring our own classroom practice
Auteur: Nawel

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Tunisia TESOL Second National Conference
10 May 2014
Call for Presentations

Reflective English Language Teaching: Exploring our
own classroom practice
Reflective teaching means looking at what you do in the classroom, thinking about why you do
it, and checking if it works; it is mainly a process of self-observation and self-evaluation. If you
are an English practitioner, then at some point in your English language teaching practice, you
might have reflected upon your teaching methodology, handling particular classroom challenges,
improving aspects or strategies of your own teaching or seeking new ones. You might have also
focused on the learners’ reaction to your teaching and what to do if things do not meet their, or
your own, expectations. If you have been involved in one or any of these concerns, then you are
a reflective teacher, and you are invited to share your experience with, and learn from, other
practitioners’ at the Tunisia TESOL Second National Conference.
Because Tunisia TESOL values your teaching experience and expertise, and because English
language teachers are its asset and source of inspiration, Tunisia TESOL encourages all teachers
of English at any level whether in the public or private sector to submit a proposal for a
presentation. We invite proposals that focus on improving practice in the English classroom
through informed means.
Proposals may be related, but not limited, to one of the following themes:
* Educational reflective activity models and logics
* Decision making in teaching
* Self and peer observation
* Teacher portfolio
* Frameworks for reflective teaching
* Use of ICT for reflective teaching
* Creating a non-threatening, positive learning environment
* Action research
* Course/Teaching evaluation
* The role of community/stakeholders in reflective practice
* Incorporating reflection as a component in teacher training
* Evaluating reflective practice: ‘best practices’

The conference “Reflective English Language Teaching: Exploring our own classroom practice”
takes place on May 10, 2014 from 9am to 5pm at AMIDEAST (22 Rue Amine El Abbassi,
Tunis, 1002).
Conference fee: 10 Dinars including coffee breaks.
Please download the submission form from http://www.tesol-tunisia.org/events and send it to
Deadline for Abstract submissions: April 18, 2014 (midnight).
Notification of acceptance within two working days.

The maximum length of the abstract is 100 words max.
Mention at least three keywords
Criteria for acceptance: clearly focused, well structured, related to the conference theme,
and relevant to a Tunisian audience in the field of English education.

Speakers will have a maximum of 20 minutes for their presentations followed by 10 minutes for
For further information, please write to smallconftt@gmail.com

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