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B  I  D  A  C  H  E  
C  A  S  T  L  E  


The magnificent castle of Bidache, a listed
Historical Monument, has been
consolidated and embellished after years of
restoration work. Visitors will travel through
six centuries of history and architecture.

Leaflet creatad by Bidache college pupils in 2013.

A unique panorama of the Bidouze valley
and the backdrop of the Pyrenees awaits
you at the top of the 15th century tower.

Visiting Bidache castle :
Regular guided tours during the season
For futher details please contact the Tourist Information

O  F  F  I  C  E     D  U    T  O  U  R  I  S  M  E     D  E     B  I  D  A  C  H  E  
1, Place du Fronton
Phone (00-33) 5-59-56-03-49
Web site:

A   C  A  S  T  L  E  ,   A   F  A  M  I  L  Y ,   T  H  E   G  R  A  M  O  N  T  S  
The ducal castle of Bidache is an important historical monument in the area.
Today, it opens its doors to reveal itself in all its beauty. The castle has been restored
and embellished after 10 years closure for structural work.

The lords of Gramont built Bidache castle
between the 13th and 14th century on a rocky
outcrop overlooking the Bidouze river.
The castle was burned down in 1523 by
Charles Quint's armies.
However, the lords of Gramont rebuilt the
castle by preserving its surviving medieval
elements. They crafted a luxurious castle
embellished until the early 18th century.
By then, the Gramonts counted among the
great names of France. They thrived thanks to
many victories in the royal armies.
Consequently, the Duke of Gramont, Antoine
III, was elevated to the rank of Marshal of
France by Louis XIII. When he was ambassador
to the kingdom of Spain, Antoine III negotiated
the marriage of Louis XIV and the Infanta Maria
Theresa of Spain.
Today the castle of Bidache is still owned by
the Gramont family, and a long lease of 36 years
was signed with the «communauté des
communes» of Bidache.
This has allowed restoration work that was
completed in part in 2012.
Today, the castle is open to the public. You can
discover it by following the guided tour.


The main Renaissance style building dates back to the 16
century. A grand stairway leads to the Ducal apartments
with its mullioned windows. On the last floor, one can see
skylights topped with triangular pediments. In the basement,
the kitchens were equipped with a large double hearth
chimney. It was in this prestigious setting that Cardinal
Mazarin was welcomed in 1659 on his way to making
negotiations with Spain.

The  Ducal  apartments.  

The  mu!ioned  windows.  

In Medieval times the gatehouse had a portcullis, a
drawbridge and a dry moat. In the 18th century, the last
elements to adorn the castle, were the classical facing and

The gardens were intended for the pleasure of their
owners. You may like the Italian Gardens because of the
drive shaded by oaks leading to the Bidouze River, main
thoroughfare in the area. When you face the castle, the
gardens are situated below on the right. You can distinguish
the old terraces, and you can imagine there were flowers,
fountains and statues a long time ago.
From the top of the tower we can scan the surrounding
land, the pretty little port, the river Bidouze, the 17th
century stables across the road, the church bell tower and
the village of Bidache itself.

Oak  drive  leading  to  the  Bidouze

The  lost  terraces  of  the
Renaissance  gardens.  

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