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Mounted Games European Championships 2014

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My name’s Lily, I’m 43 and a rider’s mother. I have been fond of mounted games for
years now and present at many competitions in Belgium or France. Dynamic and
motivated, I will take good care of your teams to make your stay in Belgium the best I
can. At your service!


My name’s Cassandra Saenen and I’m 19 years old. Rider since my youngest age, I have
been participating in many national and international competitions. I want this week to
be unique, amazing and unforgettable for all Belgian teams and supporters. I also want to
share lots of emotions with you, I‘ll be your biggest fan!


My name is Andrea Lasanow and I am the mother of an enthusiastic pony-gamer (Didrik
Lasanow). Although I haven’t been in the pony-games for very long, I was present on the
past few European and World championships, mainly as a fervent supporter of my son and
our Belgian teams. I will be pleased if I can help the Danish teams during these days to
accommodate their stay in Belgium in the best possible way. I will certainly strive for an
efficient and friendly partnership with you and am excited to see you all very soon.

Mounted Games European Championships 2014

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My name’s Céline Donnay and I’m 27 years old. I’m a maths teacher. I have ridden in
mounted games teams for more than 20 years and was a member of the Belgian teams
several times at the European Champs.

I have ridden with English teams (Glocester

shire Junior Team and West Sussex Open Team) for 8 years and I haven’t left the
showgrounds since then. I know many English families and I will do my best to help the
English teams in Belgium.


I’m Estelle Fastrez and I’m 18 years old. Rider since I was 6, I have ridden for Belgium
at The Europeans since 2007 in minis and juniors. But this year, I want to live the
competition from the inside and being your team host is just a great pleasure to me!
Always smiling and in a good mood, I will do my best for you to have an unforgettable


My name’s Maïté and I’m 29 years old.

I’ve been riding since I was a kid and I’m

passionate by horses.
After my career in the mounted games, I realized 10 years ago that I was more
interested in the organization of competitions rather than being a team member myself.
I ride my horse as often as possible in a classical way now.
During a competition, I calculate the points, I take care of my riders, their comfort,
their camping, their needs and do my best to keep them focussed on one thing: their
concentration. I will do the same to make you win!

Mounted Games European Championships 2014

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"My name is Sean Bource aka "Mappy", I'm 26 and I'm half French - half Irish. I started
playing games in Paris when I was 14 and I got the chance to ride with different French
riders and even in Northern Ireland for a year.
I then started to commentate national and international Mounted Games competitions,
which allowed me to travel a lot, meet wonderful people and make friends!
I wish the best of luck to all the teams taking part in the 2014 European Championships
in Belgium, fair play being the main goal and let the best team win!"


My name’s Alyssa and I’m 22. I study tourism and have been riding a horse for 14 years
and riding mounted games since 2002. I took part as a rider in the Belgian teams in
2003, 2005 and 2006. I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I am happy to support, take
care and help the Italian teams during these championships!


My name’s Hillevi Willems, I’m 19 years old. I’m Belgian and Swedish and I study to
become an estate agent.

I have been living in the equestrian world for years, as a

mounted games rider a few years ago and as a jumping rider now.
I’m glad to be close to your teams and help you in any way during these championships.

Mounted Games European Championships 2014

Page 4

Scotland – Northern Ireland

My name’s Camille Odouard. I’m French and have been in Belgium since 2009 for my
studies of kinesitherapy. I had the opportunity to participate in many competitions as a
supporter (being sometimes a rider myself) through Europe (in England, Wales, France,
Belgium, world and europeans ...) and I enjoy myself a lot every time.
Being your team host, I will take good care of your riders and families and make this
week unforgettable!


My name’s Victoria Willems, I’m 18 years old. My mother comes from Sweden and my
father is Belgian. I speak French, English and Swedish. I love mounted games! I used to
be a mounted games rider, I’ve played for many years. I am glad to support you and I
like social contacts. I find it great to help and meet people. So I’m glad to be involved in
these championships!


I’m Fanny and I’m 19 years old. I began studies in the social sector. I have been riding
as a mounted games rider for more than 10years now and I was several times in the
Belgian teams for the Europeans and World champs. I want to meet new people and
create new links but above all I want you to spend a wonderful week in Belgium!
Welcome to the Swiss teams!

Mounted Games European Championships 2014

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My name is Alexander Vandermeulen. I’m 21 years old and I’m studying Marketing in the
second year of my bachelor. I ride horse since I’m 5 years old and started Mounted
Games at the age of 12. I’m now the owner of a wonderful 6 years old mare named «
Kitty ». I ride in the Belgian Championship and in international challenges with different
teams. I love meeting new people and I think I have an easy contact with foreigners.
During summer 2012, I went to Canada near Toronto to practice, live and enjoy the life
of the National Canadian Team. Therefore I will do everything I can to make sure you
feel comfortable during this amazing week we’ll live together.

Mounted Games European Championships 2014

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