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The different courses and exams for the period 7th July to 8th August 2014:
 General courses for adults, different levels (groups and individuals).
 Specific courses for groups: Juniors (- 18 years old), Teachers, Professionals…
 DELF exams: A2, B1, B2. Two different sessions: 23rd to 25th July 2014 and 4h to 6th August 2014.

Intensive courses:
 A minimum of 20 hours per week:
- 15 hours of “French Language, Writing around thematic (BD workshop, cinema, etc…) and/or Projects”, in
groups of maximum 15 persons.
- 5 hours of “Oral Expression and conversation”, in small groups of maximum 10 persons.
 A diversified education thanks to several qualified instructors who work with every skill-level group.

Cultural and leisure activities:
 At least 20 hours of cultural and leisure activities per week, in addition to the courses. A team of activity leaders are present
outside class hours and during activities to create a convivial atmosphere and interact with participants.
 Optional activities: day trip to Paris, Lille, Brussels or Bruges.

 On campus in a 3-5 person room or in a studio for 2 persons, with a host family, or in a single studio apartment (see « the
different housing options » below). The accommodation for juniors is always on campus.


 The price includes lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday for all types of accommodation. The Summer
Programme does not provide lunch and dinner on the weekend (except for juniors), as participants are often on outings and
trips. (see « the different housing options » below).

The different housing options
Option A: Residence Housing
Housing in a high school dorm located in the city centre in 3-5 person rooms (shower and toilets in the hall). Summer Programme
staff are always present (day and night) in the resident hall. / Meals: - Monday to Friday breakfast and dinner at the residence,
lunch at the university cafeteria located in the city centre (1 km / 15 minutes walking) – Saturday and Sunday: breakfast only (at the
Option A2: Residence Housing in studio for 2 persons
Housing in the university residence in a studio for 2 located in the city centre (shower and toilets in each studio). Summer
Programme staff are present at night in the residence. / Meals: - Monday to Friday breakfast and lunch at the university cafeteria in
close proximity, dinner at the high school cafeteria (1 km / 15 minutes walking) – Saturday and Sunday: breakfast only (brought in
Option B: With a host family
Housing with a host family, in an individual room. / Meals: - Monday to Friday: breakfast with the family, lunch at the university
cafeteria and dinner at the high school cafeteria - Saturday and Sunday: breakfast only (with the family).
Option R: Housing in a studio apartment:
Housing in a single studio apartment with toilet, shower and a small kitchen area. / Meals: - Monday to Friday: lunch at the
university cafeteria in close proximity to the studio apartments and dinner at the high school cafeteria.
Note: The studio apartment option (option R) does not include breakfast on any day of the week.

DELF exams
Take advantage of your coming to take the DELF diploma!
The DELF - Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française- is delivered by the French Department of Education and is valid all over the
world. It certifies your French knowledge level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The Université d’été of Boulogne-sur-Mer organises the DELF diplomas (levels A2, B1, B2) during the summer courses. These
certificates are very useful for a registration in a university or for your job.
These exams are optional for people who follow our courses. Two sessions will happen, one in July, and one in August, at the
end of the courses. (Please note the dates for the August session need to be confirmed).
The courses programs are varied and tackle the various features of the language. That’s why, with the added cultural
activities, the courses of the Université d’Eté allow a quick progress and make easier the DELF diploma’s preparation.
Instructors can also advise you:

About the best diploma for you
About your reviews according to your knowledge and the requirements for the DELF diploma.

Enrolment requirements
Please find the main elements to enroll. More details are available on our website.
To enroll, you have to send us:

The enrolment form (online or printable on “enrollment” feature).

A deposit of 200 € (deducted from the total fees) must be paid with preference by bank transfer at the time of registration.
The balance will have to be paid at least 5 weeks before the beginning of your stay.

2 ID photos.

A copy of your proof identity (passport or identity papers)

A proof of insurance (disease & liability). Proofs of insurance must be presented before beginning the course.
As soon as we receive these documents, an official enrolment confirmation paper will be sent to you, along with some useful
information to prepare your journey and your stay.

Université d’été de Boulogne-sur-Mer
Centre universitaire, 21 rue Saint Louis
BP 774 - 62327 Boulogne-sur-Mer-France
+33 (0)3 21 99 77 77
Translated into several languages

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