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Milestone hello,
Allow me to appear, my name is FAUGERE Kévin, I am 23 years old and I am what we call a "trophy hunter", known under the username of
Ronon24. I am an active member of the PSTHC.FR community and I play on PlayStation 3.

First of all, I wish to congratulate you personally on the work carries out on this a little bit unexpected title " MXGP ". Since the closure of the
publisher THQ at the origin of the series " MX vs ATV ", no game had until then manages to convince me, but with "MXGP", big efforts were made
in hardly 2 years. The driving was totally rethought and it's for the best. The management of the weight is excellent, whips and scrubs is
really fun, decorations and circuits are authentic and highly varied, as well at the level of the ground textures earth / sand as at the
topographic level with sometimes very abrupt tracks. Some circuits are very fast while others are more technical.
The matter is, as a trophy hunter, there is only an obstacle to be crossed by most of the players to reach their Platinum trophy. I am willing sure
to speak about the trophy "Motocross star": Get 1000000 fans in Career mode. I think that I do not advance too much by telling you that I speak
for the whole PSTHC.FR community and trophy hunters generally.
I would thus want you ask the following question:
Why to have created a trophy so long to be obtained when all the remaining trophies frees at the end of about ten hour simply
by finishing the mode Career?

The most likely hypothesis is that you wanted to bring more challenge to the most stubborn players. Certainly, several players have already
obtained their Platinum trophy and I congratulate them but at the end of how many hours of doggedness ? Many players do not understand such
a difficulty for a trophy compared in the others who are relatively simple to drop out and especially enjoying to make. I admit you that me too am
a member of these players.
By making the first two seasons in MX2 then MX1 of the Carreer Mode we reach hardly 160 000 fans then why to have put the objective so high?
It requires to make 11 additional seasons by having already ending the game with a configuration of minimal running of 14 x 2 races of 3 laps
what sets approximately 3h30mins with the best will of the world. 11 seasons should thus set between 38h and 40h.
Actually only 15 players on obtained their MXGP Platinum trophy and I would like I could tell you that I would be the 16th
but having finished 4 times the game, I have difficulty understanding the sought purpose. The game was very pleasant so far but after all these
seasons boredom is felt. I am not unfortunately the only one to grow tired of it.
But the problem is not only situated here. As you certainly know, any trophy hunter is brought to use a trophies guide create by other players
having already obtained, for the greater part, their trophy. This guide has for purpose first to help the player has to complete the game as fast as
possible and to estimate the time required to pick up the famous Platinum trophy. Here, 97% of trophies free at the end of only 8 hours of
game, simply by ending the Carrer mode. The staying 3% require to replay the same seasons again and again during additional almost 40
hours in the only purpose to obtain a score of 1 000 000 of the fans. I find this very extreme as way of extending the game life. This trophy may
demotivate a lot of Trophy Hunters.

To argue my words, I allow to remind you another game having a similar trophy went out recently, "Tomb Raider". A great deal of players, as me,
bought this title the day of its release and little went up to the end.
Why would you tell me ? Because of a trophy obliging the player to reach the level 58 on-line Prestige 4 to free the last character. This trophy has
required several tens of hours of " boost " and the simple fact of integrating a similar trophy bothered many trophy hunters to such a point that
some simply refused to buy the game because they were certain even before playing it, because they could never finish it, and so reduce their
"Trophies Average".
It seems to you maybe extreme but the purpose of any trophy hunter is to pick up Platinum trophies, thus why to buy a game complicated to
reach the Platinum trophy while other are much more pleasant to reach!
An update was released some time later. The trophy did not more require than to reach the level 60 to free the last character and thanks to this, the
players having withdrawn went back on this game. Certain players even decided to buy the PlayStation 4 adaptation to renew this experience.

I do not judge you, I would simply want to understand what motivated such a choice. I believed first of all in an error in the description, as for
trophies " A step forward " and " Better the best! " practicable in on-line mode and not outstanding season but having reached 100 000 fans for a
long time it surprised me that such a score is possible. Especially as both similar trophies free in 20 000 then 40 000, that is the double. To
reach 1 000 000, it is a question of 25x more! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this title but this so repulsive trophy was not maybe

In the name of the PSTHC trophy hunter community, I ask you if it would be possible to revise the number of fans freed in the
end of a race, to lower the 1 000 000 fans to reach or to find another solution to facilitate the releasing of this trophy. It would be
beneficial for everybody.
Too much by hoping not to have disturbed you and while waiting for a possible answer from you, please accept the expression of my most
distinguished greetings.
Cordially, FAUGERE Kévin.
Ronon24, PSTHC.FR member.

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