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Job Description: Sales Intern/ Sales Assistant

Sustainable Carbon is the leading developer of
high quality emission reduction projects and
greenhouse gas management solutions in Latin
America. Our depth and breadth of knowledge
that we have in greenhouse gas management
and sustainable development has served helped
tens of organizations become more competitive
and incorporated in today's dynamic economy.
Apart from our intimate knowledge of climate
change issues, we further distinguish ourselves
by solving problems holistically. In terms of
project development, that means that we focus
on more than just emission reductions - we are
equally concerned with bringing substantial
social, environmental and economic benefits to the communities where we
implement our projects. In terms of greenhouse gas management, we only propose
solutions that are sustainable in both socio-environmental and financial terms.
The primary purpose of the Sales Intern or Sales Assistant is to proactively sell
the Company’s environmental assets, to achieve revenue and sales targets. This
includes the frontline approach to new clients and the ongoing relationship
management of existing clients for the generation of new and ongoing sales.

Key activities for the position include:
Lead and personally undertake Sales activities from initial contact until sale
closure. This will include Proactive development of existing and new business
within assigned customers list
Maintain accurate records of contacts and prospects utilizing the Company’s
systems and procedures.
Contacting new and existing clients face-to-face as well as via telephone and
Maintain a solid knowledge of the Company’s range of existing projects, products
and consulting services.
Analyze competitor products and activities and provide feedback into marketing
Prepare detailed quotations and proposals that fully meet client expectations, as
well as minimizing risk to the company.
Present reports to Management regarding Sales activities and success rates.
Understand and leverage the customers Eco System to create, advance and drive
sales opportunities



Required Skills and Experience
Undergoing a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Economy,
International Relations, Environmental Engineering or related areas.
Work and/or study experience in the United States or United Kingdom is strongly
desired. The ideal candidate is able to communicate fluently with English speaking
Proactive attitude to lead sales activities, especially communicating with clients via
Proficiency level in written and spoken Portuguese and English
A passion for the environment and sustainable development
Knowledge in Corporate Social Responsibility and/or climate change
Well-developed oral communication, liaison, consultative and representation skills
Well-developed writing skills
Ability to work with minimal supervision
Ability to analyze market trends and business data to identify new market

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