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Covering letter .pdf

Nom original: Covering letter.pdf
Auteur: Shiby

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16, rue des Jacobins

Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver….

Subject: Application for Internship

Researching a volunteer internship in Canada, I found your website on internet. I am currently
looking for a two-month work experience abroad during the summer holiday to improve my skills
and my knowledge in English. This training will allow me to validate my second year in the School of
Wood named ENSTIB (National school Higher of Technologies and Engineering of Wood located in
Epinal, Northeast of France).
I'm willing not to earn money because first and foremost, I want to improve my skills and my
knowledge in English and I think that this internship is an opportunity for me to help people and live
a really good experience with you.
I need to get more field experiences and genuine information that lessons and books can't provide.
That's why, I would like to check with you if you could hire me during the months of July and August
2014 to help you and work at your sides.

Best Regards


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