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Auteur: signoret3u

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Jean Signoret (Evening Call) (Mobile)

Subject: Application for Internship
I am currently looking for a two-month work experience abroad during the summer holiday to
improve my skills and my knowledge in English. This training will allow me to validate my second year
in the School of Wood named ENSTIB (National school Higher of Technologies and Engineering of
Wood located in Epinal, Northeast of France).
Personal Details
• Address: 16, rue des Jacobins
• Hobbies: Chopping wood, Tennis, Paintball, Roller
• Driving license: Full driving licence (for cars with gross vehicle weight rating of 3,5 t or less whose
can tow a trailer of 750 kg or less)
• TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) Score : 580/990
• Computer software: Cadwork / Catia / Inventor / Topsolid / Solidworks
• 2012/2015: ENSTIB Engineer (Currently a second-year student)
• 2009/2012: A two-year technical degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer-Integrated
• 2009: High School Diploma in Engineering, with a major in physics and chemistry with an European
specialization (in German language)
Work Experience
• 2013 (One month): Worker at BASTIEN sawmill in REMOMEIX.
• 2012 (One month): Seasonal job at ARCELORMITTAL
To thank me for my management program, Arcelormittal hired me for a seasonal job to develop a
machine web standard making the 5S approach easier.
• 2012 (Ten weeks): Studied and developed an excel program to define the production forecasts
passing through a finishing line for rolled bars at Arcelormittal SA. This work experience allowed me
to validate my diploma in mechanical engineering. Working in a well-known company enabled me to
learn more about the organization of such a wide company.
• 2011 (One month): Due to my reliability, my hard-working and my previous experience, the
supermarket Leclerc hired me the year after as shelf stacker for the perishable goods.
• 2010 (Two months): Supermarket shelf stacker job at Leclerc company
Improvement : "just in time" work
• 2009 (One month): Park worker for the city green spaces
Improvement : team work
• 2006 (One week): Training at an architectural firm where I became aware of my interests in
buildings construction and design.
• English :
- 2006: linguistic trip to Los Angeles (One month)
• German :
- 2009: One week training in Leipzig with the faculty of “mechanical Engineering and
Technology of energy” on the “Organization and the production planning”
- 2008: Stay in Vienna + 1 day in Bratislava
- 2007: Trier twinning
- 2006: Dresden twinning

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