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nimrod/paskine press info
about nimrod

NIMROD is Paskine’s debut album.
Paskine here continues his experiments with noise and repetition,
making his most abstract compositions to date, and adding a
strong narrative element with the album’s structure. NIMROD was
created with the idea of plunging the listener into a sound storm. It
is composed of immersive drones, deconstructed melody, crackles
and multiple kinds of noises invading space, blowing, little heavy
and repetitive rhythm. This is not sampling, but more something
about the sound sculpture, a work on the matter, and a composition
around these elements. The album is structured into nine parts, as
kind of chapters; some minimalist, sometimes just the opposite;
sometimes melodic, sometimes completely abstract.


Fata Morgana
White Elephant
Phantom Limbs

Format CD
voxxov records
Limited 250
ref: VXVCD003
release date: MARCH 31th 2014
Composed by Paskine
Artwork and design by Paskine
Mastering by Vincent Villuis

about paskine

Paskine born 1988 in France, is an artist, musician and graphic
designer living and working between Marseille and Brussels. In
his compositions Paskine shows a strong interest in the noise,
repetition, abstraction and experimental stage. Paskine’s music
could be described as ambient and noisy, or simply experimental.
Paskine composes his music with the willingness to create forms
and sounds that were previously inaccessible to the music made
with traditional musical instruments. He works with field-recording
or records find in archives, and composed synthesized sounds
produced by computer.

voxxov’s contacts:
phone: +33(0)6 6723 85 56

paskine’s contacts:

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