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Bhutan, a fascinating country in the Himalayas, is
the last buddhist kingdom with a meanwhile
constitutional monarchy. Travelling to this country
means travelling to a miraculous world. Bhutan is
green, full of mystic places and has a special, very
peaceful atmosphere.
Powerful sites will be visited, holy temples,
fascinating cultures will be seen as well as a
magnificent landscape and an extraordinary flora
and fauna.

Visiting Kathmandu and Delhi

Booking your holidays in Bhutan individually isn’t
that simple. It is only possible through Bhutanese
travel agencies. The travel agency we are working
with is run by a family who already knew the 16th
Gyalwa Karmapa. They are organising our tours for
years now and they do it in a heart-warming way.
It is the fifth time this year that we can offer a tour
to this fascinating country together with Lama
Jigme Rinpoche, who already travelled to Bhutan
regularly when he was a child.

We will enter Bhutan from Kathmandu, Nepal, and
will journey on to Delhi, India.

is part of the haunting discovery tour and its
impressions will remain in our hearts and in our
memory for long.

Traveltour Bhutan 2014
Including Nepal and India


13. - 22.10.
22. - 24.10.

October 10th – 25th 2014

Frankfurt – Kathmandu
Kathmandu – Bhutan
Bhutan – Delhi
Return to Frankfurt

Attention: Limited places!

Punakha Dzong

The (nearly) all-inclusive price for this journey is
€ 3.600, including:
All flights and transfers, all accommodations, tour
guides, all meals in Bhutan, breakfasts in
Kathmandu and Delhi as well as the visa for
What is not included:
The journey to and from Frankfurt, some meals in
Nepal and India and the visa fees for these
countries. (Optional: excursions in Kathmandu,
tips, donations and insurances).

Registration is possible until May 15th.
Interested? Please, contact:
Sabine Teuber
c/o Bodhi Path Zentrum e.V.
Kaierstr. 18, D-77871 Renchen-Ulm
Tel: +49 (0)7843-7232


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