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Unlimited Naruto Jades Start Guide !
I.The Jade effect and Their levels!
There are 11 different kind of jades.
•Force Jade : Increase Physical Attack and Physical Defense
•AGI Jade : Increase Speed
•Chakra Jade : Increase Strategy Attack and Strategy Defense
•Power Jade : Increase HP
•Hit Jade : Increase Hit Rate ( chance to hit the opponent )
•Dodge Jade : Increase Dodge Rate ( chance to dodge opponent attack )
•Crit Jade : Increase Critical Hit ( when you do a critical hit, you get +100 fury )
•Counter Jade : Increase Counter Rate ( chance to block critical hit )
•Block Jade : Chance to block an attack ( damage reduced and hit back )
•S.Atk Jade : Increase chance to hit without being blocked
•Fury Jade : Increase the fury that you have at the beginning of the fight )
There are also 12 level for each jades !

II.How to put jades!
First, you have to check your ninja's passive for best result.
•Put 1st Force jades on ninja with « Increase Force by percent « passive.

•Put 1st Chakra jades on ninja with « Increase Chakra by percent «


•Put 1st AGI jades on ninja with « Increase AGI by percent « passive.

III.Things to know about Jades !
You have to know that for Hit, Crit, Counter, S.Atk, Block and Dodge.
There is a limit you can't exceed ( 90% ).
So it's useless to put more on your ninja!
Also, for Force and Chakra !
You must know that Force jades are mainly for Assaulter ( Taijutsu /
Ninjutsu ) and vanguard
and that Chakra jades are mainly for Support ( and genjustsu main )
In general, if you see « Physical Attack « your ninja need force
And if you see « Strategy Attack « your ninja need chakra

I hope this topic will help you,
Enjoy the game and have fun.

Yami Haseo

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