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We are looking for a Manager to work in Scarlette for a period of 6
months to one year.
Scarlette is a guesthouse with 4 rooms and 2 apartments house in the
centre of New Delhi. Recently opened in October by a French entrepreneur
in Delhi, Scarlette welcomes many visiting guests from around the world
for leisure and business.
It has been newly renovated and furnished with decoration inspired
by European.
It is a home-stay where “Service” and “satisfaction” are core values.
You can find more info on
Job Summary :
Overseeing of all aspects of Hotel Management, ensuring guest welcome
and satisfaction is maintained at highest levels, staff management, property
maintenance but also work on the development of the concept and
Qualifications :
In general, the applicant must be fluent in English, have knowledge of
India, be curious, talkative, attentive and open-minded.
Guests : welcome the guests, take care of the check-in/out, show interest
and discussion with the guests.
Be able to talk about the city of Delhi, India and more, suggest places to
visit, restaurants and bars etc… (training can be arranged before)
Staff Management : supervise 5 to 8 employees in the house, trainings and
Update the planning and calendar. Deal with external services.
Property Maintenance : Make sure that everything is clean and well
working in the house, inventories etc.
Other: invoicing, expenses reports and auditing.

English Fluent
Computer, excel, word
Extra skills:
cooking skills would be a plus
Knowledge and interest of and in India
Other languages
Experience in hospitality business
Pauline Bijvoet
Scarlette New Delhi
B2/139 Safdarjung Enclave
110029 New Delhi
0091 9582545315

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