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grew up during the wildly
active music scene in Sarajevo’s eighties, with Arabian horses
and four major religions at her doorstep. Integrating cuttingedge technology with tuning of her own design and her classical
roots, she has emerged as a unique figure on the New York music
scene. Her signature hybrid sound weaves deconstructivist dance
suites with polymicrotonal sympho-rock tone poems, experimental
prog rock/world jazz fusions with musique concrète spirituals,
and contemporary art-song with electronica, creating “ecstatic
musical experiences” (New Music Connoisseur) that tell stories
of love, loss, trial and triumph in a bold, yet sensuous style.

Billed by ASCAP as a “concert composer/performer whose music
defies boundaries,” Bukvich has appeared in venues as varied as
Photo by Michael Benabib
the The Kennedy Center, the Tribeca Film Festival, The Kitchen,
Music with a View Festival, Serial Underground at the Cornelia Street Café, Composers Concordance
Festival, Lincoln Center, (le) Poisson Rouge, ASCAP’s Thru The Walls Series, the [New York] Times
Center, Spectrum, and the Bohemian Hall, and internationally including Beijing, London, South
Africa and Copenhagen. Her music has been heard on Voice of America, American Music Center’s
Radio, WQXR and MNN Public TV in New York, John Schaefer’s New Sounds on WNYC, Australian
SBS Radio, and Princeton’s Classical Discoveries. Bukvich is the recipient of numerous grants
including the Soros Foundation, the American Composers Forum, ASCAP’s Buddy Baker Film Scoring
Scholarship, New England Foundation for the Arts, and the Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue
at Harvard University.
Along with twenty-four groundbreaking contemporary women composers, Bukvich is featured in
the recently released book In Her Own Words - Conversations with Composers in the United States,
published by the University of Illinois Press. She was artist-in-residence at Lafayette College (20112012), and in the fall of 2011, she collaborated with Pomegranate Arts in New York in support of
Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra’s North American tour. Her score Interior
Designs, commissioned by the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, has received a New Music USA,
2013 Live Music for Dance award, and was listed as one of the top ten dance events of 2013 (The
Star-Ledger). New York City-based, she continues to write for trail-blazing instrumentalists, electroacoustic ensembles, film, animation, and dance. Among her mentors were Philip Glass, Robert
Ashley, Carl Stone, Neil Rolnick, Kurt Munkacsi, Goran Bregovic, and Martin Bresnick. Bukvich is a
2013 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Music/Sound.

Music composed, arranged, and produced by Svjetlana Bukvich
Recorded June-August 2011 at Amadeus Music in Sarajevo, NYU’s Dolan Studio, and Harvestworks in NYC
Recording Engineers Paul Geluso, Marin Mestrovic, Paul Howells, and Svjetlana Bukvich
Mixing David Frost, Tom Lazarus, and Svjetlana Bukvich at Stadiumred in NYC
Mastering Joe Lambert at Joe Lambert Mastering in NYC
Album cover photography by Dejan Vekic
Sabih - the Arabian horse from the cover photos who inspired Sabih’s Dream - lives in Borike, Bosnia
and Herzegovina
Thank you to my family and friends for their undying support during the making of this record, to
David Frost and Tom Lazarus for their brilliance and patience in finding the sound I was seeking, and
to the extraordinary players for their drive and their beautiful contribution.
Executive Producers Bob Lord and Svjetlana Bukvich
Product Manager Jeff LeRoy
Art & Production Director Brett Picknell
Graphic Designer Renee Greenspan
A&R Sebastian Sink
PR Coordinator Ariel Oxaal
223 Lafayette Road
North Hampton NH 03862
Big Round Records is a PARMA Recordings company

“A superb, involving job of bringing together strands of classical,
traditional Balkan, European disco and dramatic musics into a
dazzling, coherent whole.”
The Big City

“Memorably gypsyish...evokes the hypnotic swirl of trip-hop...as well
as Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks score.”
Lucid Culture

“Dark romantic sound...with the sounds of urban New York.”
The Glass

“An exuberant lightness...she looked to be worshipping at an
altar of music.”
Woman Around Town

“The magic of the transformation...powerful and atmospheric...evocative of the sacred.”
IAWM Journal

“The work fuses driving rhythms and non-western microtonal
tunings with a groove-­filled background track that at times crosses
into the genre of ambient electronica.”
New Music Connoisseur

“This is way cool!”
David Frost, eleven-time Grammy award-winning producer

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