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Titre: Professional Malaysian Badminton Summer Camp
Auteur: Vivano Nget

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Professional Malaysian
Badminton Summer Camp

Vivano Nget
Prospectus badminton

Professional Malaysian Badminton
Summer Camp 2014
Hello everyone,
It is a huge pleasure and honor to host the first ever professional Malaysian
badminton summer camp 2014. We are 6 badminton organizers/coaches who have the
task to arrange two training weeks in Canada for two legendary Malaysian coaches: Foo
Kok Keong and Andrew Chang. Therefore, any badminton fanatics are welcome to
participate at this summer camp and enjoy this unique collaboration Quebec-Malaysia.
Be among the privileged ones to be coached by these notorious superstars.
First of all, the project is managed by Françis Beauregard, Mathieu Letellier,
Réal Labelle, Maxime Petit-Tremblay, Charles Dansereau Ménard and Vivano Nget. We
host the camp in two separate weeks in two different cities: in Quebec City and StEustache. Each city (camp) offers 5 hours of training per day - international level - for 5
consecutive days. From Monday through Friday, the training covers 25 hrs in the most
outstanding badminton facilities in the region. Overall, the program gives every player
the opportunity to improve their knowledge from theoretical, technical, tactical aspects
and coordination of the sport. Therefore, two professional Malaysian coaches will come
and share their expertise with everyone here. Each city can host up to 25 participants per
week. The first training week is held at the Marcelle-Mallet private high school in
Quebec City from Wednesday August 13th to Sunday August 17th. Afterwards, it is
Mathers Sports Center who hosts the second camp from Monday August 18th to August

In this flyer, you will find all information to date and you can consider it as the
official promotional document. As coaches, we guaranty to hold a professional
supervision, dynamic coaching and safety for everyone involved. We also pledge
ourselves to give an exceptional quality experience to every badminton athlete eager to
learn from the best in the world. Thereupon, this unique partnership is to promote the
fastest racquet sport ever: badminton.
Thank you so much for your support!
Everyone from the team!


Presentation of the organizers

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Training places

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Subscription sheet

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