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Employment Law Management Training
Legal Training for Managers and Employees Effective Management FM trainer Training will
bring out the best in your management team for full engagement and accountability.
Since 1982, Fair Measures has been a proven leader in providing strategic, engaging training for
managers that gives them practical leadership skills they can use every day. Taught by our
attorney-trainers, our dynamic classroom and web workshops have helped thousands of
supervisors to manage fairly, hire the best, use e-mail professionally, act ethically,
accommodate employees with disabilities, control overtime, handle family and medical leaves,
properly oversee temps and contractors, prevent workplace violence, harassment, and more.

Management Training Solutions
Taught by our own employment law trainers since 1987, this
program includes such topics as documentation, wrongful
action, discrimination, retaliation and harassment. A second
day of training can be added that includes leaves of absence &
accommodation, privacy, ethics, overtime, managing in
cyberspace, and more.

Respectful Workplace
This half-day program can be customized for employees or managers. Powerful, often hilarious,
and sometimes harrowing stories (all pulled from actual legal cases) demonstrate the difference
between friendly banter and a legal problem. By the end of this highly interactive workshop,
your group will know what to do about both.

Online in Real Time: Management Training Webinars
Fair Measures online training programs have all the advantages
of live training – because they are live – without the cost, time
and travel of the traditional classroom. Based on the proven
principle that people learn by doing. We don’t just say we’re
engaging, we have the metrics to prove it. We guarantee 10 20 interactions per hour and not just polls and chat-box
Highly interactive, using humor, polls, and stories to ensure
learning and practical application, our online training programs demonstrate the complexities
of issues with Fair Measures attorney-trainers responding in real-time.
Harassment is not only illegal, it also impacts productivity and employee morale. Since the law
sets only a bare minimum for acceptable behavior, our Harassment Prevention Training
Webinar (for California and all states) integrates your organization’s policies and procedures
prohibiting harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure
Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure $29.95
If you have anti-harassment policies, it can be used in court to show that your company made a
good faith effort to prevent harassment. With this policy, your company may not be liable for
illegal harassment lawsuits against supervisors. Any company with 15 or more employees is
subject to federal law. Some states, such as California, apply the law to companies with only
one employee.
You can pay hundreds of dollars to your attorneys for workplace harassment policies. Or you
can jump start the process and order one here, written by one of the country's top attorneys on
harassment law. Rita Risser, a nationally recognized expert on employment law, has written a
policy that takes into account the Supreme Court's decisions, as well as case law, and complies
with the latest EEOC guidelines.
The Fair Measures Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure package will be delivered to you
online, as soon as we have verified your credit card information.

Accused Harasser's Checklist
Accused Harasser's Checklist $14.95
If you've been accused of harassment, you need to know your rights!
To find out your rights, you can hire a lawyer for $100 or more, or buy our Accused Harasser's
Checklist for just $14.95. It's written by Rita Risser, a nationally recognized expert on
harassment law, who has been a practicing attorney in California since 1979.
Law is not rocket science. You can understand your rights, if they are written out in plain
English, step-by-step. That's what we do in our Accused Harasser's Checklist. It will help you to
"think like a lawyer" when it comes to resolving your specific situation.
Most harassment is not illegal, but it may violate your company's policy. Our Checklist can help
you through the process. And if you're involved in a situation of illegal harassment, it will help
you to prepare your case so that a lawyer will be able to quickly and easily represent you.
In a hurry? As soon as you submit your credit card, you'll immediately receive access to
download the Checklist. You can find out about your rights, in your situation, NOW. And if you
think it was a waste of time and effort, we have a full money back guarantee.

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