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10 rue de Metz, 5 Impasse de Metz
37 000 Tours, France
+33 980 768 841 (Home Phone Number)
+33 666 523 235 (Office Phone Number)

Maxime Facomprez

Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Tours – France

Present - 2012

Specializing in computer Science

Institut Universitaire de Technologie – Blois – France

2010 - 2012

DUT (2 years technical degree) of Network and Telecommunication

Related Competences:
Office Software: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Latex, MatLab
Programmation languages : C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java EE, Python
Database: MySQL, Oracle
Network: Stock of computing equipment, data transmission
Operating System: Windows, Windows server, Linux

Accomplished Projects:
Image Processing

In progress

Motion detection in behavior of poultry in stressful circumstances using the Python language with OpenCV

Smart Glass - Application

In progress

I’m a project manager of a team of 6 individuals, about development a “smart glass application” to help care worker about
Osteoarthritis shoulder blade of patient that shows up to a fracture of the bone. (Java/Android language)

PSO – Particule Swarm Optimisation


Implemented PSO-based algorithm for home care worker scheduling in the UK using the C++ language



Creation of a resume’s website and use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP

Image Processing


Detect and isolate a product logo in an image with the software MatLab

MPI Library


This project studies how the Message Passing Interface's library enables to achieve mathematical
calculation using operating process in parallel

Minimum Variance Matching Algorithm


MVM is a method of partial alignment of sequences. It detects in a source sequence, the closest
sequence from a model one

Application Android


Project on application of management’s absences Android tablet using the Java language

Game in C language


Realization of a puzzle game in C language with a graphics library by ‘Institut Universitaire de Technologie” in Blois

Work Experience:
Splash Informatique – Saint-Gervais la Forêt – France


Internship in a company of computer and phone repairing - 2 month

Auchan – Vineuil – France
(hypermarket) Seasonal work in shelf-filling

French: mother tongue
English: reading, writing, speaking
German: reading, writing, speaking


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