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Work and study (Demi pair Program)
Perth – Sydney : Australia
EUROASIA GLOBAL EDUCATION is a French company specializing in student exchange programs between
Europe, Oceania and Asia. Our work is to organize international exchanges in order to implement
development policies and cooperation in the field of education. For our AU PAIR program in Australia,
we're looking for several students who are interested in a 6-month international experience in Perth or
Sydney starting in september 2014.

We're giving you the opportunity to leave for an AU PAIR mission and gain a professional and personal
experience in Australia. Having acultural exchange au pair or demi pair in Australia, you also get paid, as
well as having the opportunity toexperience one of the World's wealthiest lifestyles. Just to top it up, you
get free lodging and meals. If that doesn't sound awesome enough, you also get travel vouchers to go all
around Australia! But what counts the most is you get the chance to fully immerse yourself in a truly
different culture by being part of an Australian family and closely interact with the family's children.
In your host family, you will work around 15 hours per week. You could also be asked for babysitting
evenings (at the most two nights per week). Working hours may change according to your family's needs.
The family is demanded to give to the au pair student :
• A room and full board ( 3 meals a day) 7 days a week.
$12/hour for extra assistance as and when required
• Free time minimum of one full day each week.
Qualifications and conditions
• Ideally aged between 18 and 35 years old
• High school graduate(at start of program) or higher.
• Intermediate English level
• Some childcare/babysitting experience is required.
• Eager to learn English and experience the Australian culture
• First Aid knowledge, driver’s license, medical and police certificate preferable
Organisation and advantages provided by EGE
Our total service fee for demi pair is €550. This services contains :
• A visa invitation letter
• A free visa extension during your program duration
• A free airport/train station pick up in Australia
• A welcome package (SIM card/Metro card/City map/Address card)
• A 4 day Orientation/Induction program provided by our Australian partner.
• A 24/7 emergency coordinator.
How to apply
You are willing to join our dynamic structure and become a key part of the growth of the au pair program
in the world ? Please send your CV and cover letter at the following e-mail :
Or by mail to : EUROASIA GLOBAL EDUCATION – 03 rue du Docteur Huart 59260 Hellemmes

Head Office - 21 Avenue Le Corbusier 59042 Lille – France | Secondary office - 03 Rue Docteur Huart - 59260 Lille - Hellemmes
Siret Number 752910521 00018 | RCS Lille LILLE - NAF : 8560Z - TVA Intracommunautaire : FR 51 752 910 521
[Phone] 0033 3 62 64 77 55 | [Fax] 0033 3 59 56 97 59 Website | E-Mail

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