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What Is Free Toolbox?
Free Toolbox (FTB for short) is a new affordable feeder program created by Peter Wolfing. FTB is
designed to be 100% non-compete, which means it complements whatever you may already be
FTB teaches 101 tested and proven ways to market and generate leads for ANY business, and you
can get started for as little as $1.25. This really makes it very easy for anyone to get started. Anyone
can afford $1.25 so money is no longer an issue.
Most people get all in right away though because it’s so inexpensive and you get instant access to
all levels of training as well as maximizing your earning potential.
To get in at all levels, it is only a ONE TIME payment of $48.75. No monthly fees, no hidden fees,
$48.75 one time… that’s it.
FTB is made to be fast, fun and easy for anyone of any skill level to get in and see results.
There’s a lot to talk about here, so let’s get started…

Free Toolbox Compensation Plan


Posted by: Azzedine Boussalia

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FreeToolbox powering the impossible

The first thing I’d like to touch on in this Free Toolbox review is the compensation plan.
Everybody’s interested in making money and that’s probably why you’re reading this review right
now, so it makes sense to start there.
Free Toolbox’s compensation plan offers 100% commissions on all levels.
It starts out with a $1.25 business center. You pay one time to get in and as the 6 spots under you
start to fill up you earn 100% commissions off of the 4 spots on the second level. Once they are
filled, you cycle out and receive $5 gross ($1.25 x 4). $1.25 is held back from your profits to roll
you into another business center so you can cycle and earn again.
Each business center works exactly like that first $1.25 spot and there are a total of 5 levels.
The levels are: $1.25, $2.50, $5, $10, $20
And they each pay as follows: $5, $10, $20, $40, $80.


So if you had 6 people who came all in for $48.75, you would immediately cycle out of all levels
and be paid $155 on just those 6 people .
Also, this is a true follow your sponsor system so every time any of your personals cycle they
always follow you back into the next available spot in your current business center and will help
you cycle out over and over again.
This can easily happen multiple times per day because it’s so inexpensive to join and people are
pouring in very quickly. 38,000 people actually joined in just the first 14 days.
Because of the nature of this type of compensation plan, you don’t always have to sign everybody
up yourself either. It could fill through your efforts, your people’s efforts, or it’s possible you may
even get some spillover that will fill some of those spots automatically.
Now I never recommend people rely on spillover and it’s never guaranteed, but when people are
coming in this quickly to such a low cost program it definitely can happen.
Here’s a quick video from company owner Peter Wolfing, demonstrating the power of this
compensation plan…

Free Toolbox Review – The Products

The flagship product in FTB is a training series that teaches 101 ways to generate leads and sales
for ANY business. The goal is to provide you with the skills you need to be successful at whatever
you choose to build, whether that be Free Toolbox or something completely different.
This training isn’t just internet marketing techniques either. These are the exact strategies that Peter
Wolfing has tested, developed and proven over his 20+ years of building successful home based
These strategies are based on a book that Peter wrote that he has been very successfully selling for
years for nearly the cost of your entire FTB membership.
But now he’s offering this information, updated and revamped in video format, as well as all the
other benefits and income producing potential included in FTB, for nearly the same cost as that one
book alone.
On top of this, Free Toolbox also offers live webinars that go more in depth and hands on to
enhance the coaching experience and really get you and your team trained and ready to produce
more results in your business.


And even if you’re currently working some other program and have no interest in making money
with FTB at all, remember, the training they provide can be applied to any business to generate
leads and help you make sales.
Plus, because FTB is designed to be the ultimate feeder program, they also provide you with ways
to internally market your other offers to your personal referrals through banners and email
Free Toolbox definitely packs a lot of value into that low one-time membership fee.

The Marketing System

One of the biggest barriers people face when getting started in an online business is trying to set up
all the technical stuff before they can start marketing.
If you’re new to the internet it can be a daunting task to have to deal with things like
autoresponders, capture pages, copy writing, and all the other stuff that goes into setting up a
marketing system.
One of the great things about Free Toolbox is that they provide a complete marketing system, which
is optional, that can be setup in about 5 minutes that only costs $9.99 per month.
I honestly can’t tell you how helpful it is to have an integrated marketing system like this in place
that new people can plug into and get going right away… no extra costs, no techno babble
headaches… just watch a quick video, fill out a few boxes and you’re good to go… easy.


Great Leadership is an essential pillar that every company needs to have in place to be successful
The owner of Free Toolbox is Peter Wolfing, who has a 20+ year track record of building
successful online businesses totaling over 400,000 distributors worldwide with an A+ Better
Business Bureau credibility rating.
I know Peter personally and speak with him often and I can tell you that he is truly a person of
integrity and he really knows his stuff.


My Experience With Free Toolbox
So far, my experience with Free Toolbox has been really exciting. It has really taken off in a short
amount of time and things are just getting started.
I cycled 13 times in my first 8 hours and by the end of my first 24 hours an extra $318.75 had come
in overnight. This was before I even started marketing FTB at all too; this all came in just from a
couple emails to an existing list.
Here’s a quick 1 minute testimonial video I shot for the company about what’s been going on:
Income Disclaimer: Of course, no one can guarantee how much money you will make or that
you will make any money at all. But this has been my experience so far and with all the v alue
that FTB offers at such an affordable price, your potential is limited only by your willingness to
get in there and make it happen .

So as you’ve seen from this review, Free Toolbox is a system that provides all the training
necessary to build any business successfully.
If you already have a business and aren’t interested in making money with anything else, you can
simply use their training to take your current business to the next level.
But if you are wanting to find something that can allow you to make some serious money from the
internet, FTB is definitely one of the best options out there with their low entry point, top tier
training teaching 101 ways to generate leads for any business, and 100% commissions
compensation plan.
And if you’re looking for the right team to join… you’ve found it
I really can’t say enough good things about our team. We have an amazing group of people with a
great community of support here.
So that pretty much does it for this Free Toolbox review. Hopefully you’re now able to better see
the vision in place here and why you should join us ASAP.
Click the button below to get started…
To Join!
video you tube


If you have any questions, contact me at
To Your Entrepreneurial Success,

Azzedine Boussalia

video you tube


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