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$tiforp™ ~ Direct Sales Industry Facts.

• The Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry has come of age and
is at last is gaining mainstream recognition!
• Many experts estimate the Industry is worth over 130 Billion a year
and growing at an explosive rate because as we have indicated the
known insecurity in traditional employment opportunity models.
• Billionaires are purchasing MLM Companies and the serious main
stream Investment Community are starting to take this business
model more seriously and recognising the investment opportunities.
• There are estimated to be over 200 Million people worldwide
operating a network marketing / Direct Sales home base business
as more people recognise the potential for average people to do well.
• ALL these people need online marketing tools and up to date
quality training Information to compete in todays modern
marketplace no matter what business they are promoting, most
Network Marketing Companies do not provide what we have to
offer at $tiforp, so in we step boldly to meet the need!

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