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$tiforp™ – Built by design, backed by huge experience.

The $tiforp Mission Statement.

Founded & Operated by Mr
Nauder Kazan.
21 years Industry experience
as a successful distributor &
Corporate owner.
Background in the Finance
Has a passion for helping
ordinary people achieve
extraordinary success.

“The industry of network marketing is always changing. What worked 20, 10, even
5 years ago doesn't always work today. Many companies have great products,
great compensation plans, and great leadership. Unfortunately many do not
provide the latest marketing tools and training that are required to succeed in
today's ever changing marketing environment.
At Stiforp our MISSION is to help all home marketers no matter what Company
they represent to MAXIMIZE their earning potential by providing the latest proven
technology, tools, trainings, and other resources that they need to stay ahead of
the game..and all at a price that EVERYONE can afford!
Our deliberate goal is to also provide a complimentary and not conflicting rewards
program for our members to cash in be it passively or on a full on basis in reaching
out to the marketplace of over 300 MILLION people involved in our industry by
introducing them to what we have to offer so that all might achieve more, better
and faster than they might do otherwise without Stiforp!”

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