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How do I Make $ 50 a Day On Neobux.
This is a guide on how to get the "real income" on the PTC website without having to pay for
anything. That need to be $ 50 a day would not have been achieved for granted. You still will only
generate a few cents when you first start. It is called "Patience". In this way, I do not need to invest
to make money from PTC. If you have money to invest, then invest and you will generate faster than
The key to making money on NeoBux is with referrals. Simple, if you do not have a referral, you will
not generate. You can rent referrals directly from NeoBux. Referral is the man and it took $ 0.25 to
rent for 1 month. Some referrals will be active and some are not. For me recycle inactive referrals,
you have to pay $ 0.07. It may seem expensive, but worth it. If you do not recycle inactive referrals,
you will lose more of your money.
When you reach $ 0.75 by clicking yourself (if you do not invest) you can start to rent your first 3
referrals, this is a mistake that many new members do. Needing some time to reach $ 0.75 and
members are eager to rent referrals, when members do this, they do not realize that they do not
have enough funds to do maintain referral rent them and their referrals will simply expire because
the member is no longer able to pay for the rental next period.
Before you decide to hire a referral, you should at least have $ 3 and transfer to Renting Main
Balance from you. This way you Yeah allocated $ 1 for each referral and you will easily be able to
recycle if they are not active or pay a renewal of their lease for 1 month ahead. It takes quite a lot of
time to reach $ 3 a click itself, but this way you can still rent them and replace inactive referrals
without fear does not have the funds for it all.
Autopay is one other requirement. As soon as you rent your first 3 referrals, Autopay set On. To
extend the lease for 30 days referral required fund of $ 0.25. With Autopay On, they will pay for the
extension of the lease to them, not you. The way it works is to allot one click away from every
referral you every day to fund the extension of their lease ($ 0.30), which means you will get earn
smaller, but your referrals will stay with you as long as they are active.
Doing PO too early is a big problem for some Neobux, when you request your payment will be paid
INSTANTLY to your Paypal account or Alertpay. Just to prove that Neobux is legit (which is legit)
many members earn dollars with the click itself then do cashout. woo-hoo. Now you have ALL
DOLLAR on account Alertpay / Paypal. The dollars should be prioritized to rent referrals. With this
startegy you move $ 3 to renting balance before renting 3 referrals. So $ 1 per referral. I would not
do cashout before I had +1000 referrals. Rent continues referral package 3 (you can rent referrals to
package more in line with earn from your referrals) and continue until you have 300 referrals
referrals. It takes a rather long time. This sometimes makes members feel bored. When you have
300 referrals, do not rent referrals again, simply maintain your existing referrals. Keep doing this
until you touch the figure of $ 100 and you can use the $ 90 to pay for a membership Golden.
Reaching $ 100 does not require as much time as you think if you already have 300 referrals and
once you upgrade to Golden, you'll earn double. This is the most interesting part. Golden costs $ 90
but you will receive $ 0.01 from each of your referrals view ads.
Hire more referrals after your Golden and do not cashout. Remember, you have not been Cashout,
and continue until you have referrals rent 2,000 referrals. But if you plan to cashout, you've been
able to cashout as much as $ 50 a day, and this is the final strategy.

This strategy will also help you in your Neobux adventure to get direct referrals using the referral link
in the Member Area.

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