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Authorscape Inc.
401 East 88th Street
New York, NY 10128
[ date
[Fan’s name


Re: “The Norman Reedus Fan Appeciation Art Book ” (tentative title) (herein the
Dear [Fan’s first name ]:
Thank you for participating in our exciting project on Fan Appreciation Art. Laurie
Dolphin and Authorsape Inc. are creating this Book under the direction of Norman
This letter when signed by you and by me in the places indicated below shall constitute
our agreement with regard to the inclusion of your artwork of or about Norman Reedus
(herein the “Artwork”) in the Work as follows:
1. You hereby grant to me and my licensees and assigns the exclusive right to
publish in a print on paper edition and/or electronic editions and merchandising
rights in your Artwork as a part of the Work and any derivative works of the
Work in all languages throughout the world for the full term of copyright.
2. You further hereby grant me, and my licensees and assigns the right to use your
name and the Artwork to advertise and promote the Work published in any and
all editions.
3. Nothing herein shall require me to include your Artwork in the Work.
4. You agree to hold me, my licensees and assigns harmless that the Artwork was
created solely by you and that no one else participated in the creation of the
Artwork, that you have not granted publication rights to any other party, and
that you have the exclusive right to grant the rights herein granted to me
without breaching the rights of any other party.

401 east 88th street 6F nyc 10128 • 917-553-8990 • LAURIE@LAURIEDOLPHIN.COM •

5. In consideration for the rights herein granted to me, if we include your artwork,
I agree that I and my licensees and assigns will include your credit and copyright
and your URL (if you have one) in the book. I will send you at your address a copy
of the Work autographed by Norman Reedus.
6. You hereby also warrant that you are of legal age (18 years or older) to enter
into this agreement and if not of legal age, your parent or legal guardian will sign
this agreement.
If the foregoing fully and accurately sets forth your understanding of our agreement
please sign and return to me the attached copy of this letter agreement.
Laurie Dolphin
Authorscape Inc
Accepted and Agreed: Laurie Dolphin

Accepted and Agreed: Fan 18 years or older
Print Name and Address below:

URL or Social Username: ___________________________________________________

Accepted and Agreed: Parent or Legal Guardian

See artwork or artworks on next page for reference

401 east 88th street 6F nyc 10128 • 917-553-8990 • LAURIE@LAURIEDOLPHIN.COM •

[Insert photo of artwork ]

401 east 88th street 6F nyc 10128 • 917-553-8990 • LAURIE@LAURIEDOLPHIN.COM •

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