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- Stick the part so made on the lid of the violin.

- To cut the second part of carries ropes. Band of paper of 1 cm x 12

- Stick it inside, by rolling the end of the first part with the handle of a
brush or a pencil.

- Cut both parts which will settle on the lid to receive ropes.
- Stick the first one on the part of the top.

- Stick the second on 4 cms of the first one.

- Cut a circle 5,5 cms in diameter.
- Bend in 0,5 cms on each side, at the same time(in parallel).
- Make 4 small holes with your tool drill (silent setter for me).

- Hang on your four ropes by making a knot behind your circle. Stick on
the bottom of your lid.

- Stick ropes in the various notches to the top of your violin.

- Pull your ropes to above and stick them on the structure with some
hot glue.
Cut the surplus of rope.

- With a foam brush, add of the gesso on the edge of your box and the
edge of your lid. Let dry.

- Meanwhile, colorize the image of your choice with ink " Distress ", felttips "Copeak", "Promarker".
The most complicated is made! Lol

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