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The combination between
Gamarde-les-Bains Water
and Organic Argan Oil
for sensitive and reactive

Certified Organic Dermocosmetic Care,
100% of natural origin*

Cosmetics has been helping each woman for thousands
of years, for our highest pleasure. Subtly and discreetly,
it has contributed to everyone’s beauty and inner wellbeing.
We are anxious to help people discover the immense
potential of nature and plants, that’s why Gamarde
Dermatologic Laboratories have developed an original
range of Certified Organic Dermocosmetic Care,
100% of natural origin.
Based on the innovative combination of Gamardeles-Bains Water, known for skin benefits, and Organic
Argan Oil and its precious properties, our range brings
the most delicate epidermis the comfort they deserve.
Gamarde Care, using chemical* free ingredients,
perfectly suits the most sensitive and reactive skins.
We are dedicated to providing you with Care formulated
with natural ingredients, scientifically proven effective
and safe, allowing each woman to be naturally beautiful.

The alliance of Science and Nature
dedicated to Beauty.

The Gamarde Philosophy

The alchemy of nature does not need
the chemistry of man...

Gamarde-les-Bains Water : Source of life
The spring water used for our products issues from the heart of the
Landes Forest, in Gamarde-lesBains. It runs through the rocks
over geologic time which explains
its exceptional composition. Highly
mineralised and rich in sulphur, its
dermatological properties were recognized by the French Academy
of Medicine as early as 1841.

Its positive effects
Dermoprotective, soothing, anti-irritant, Gamarde water brings wellbeing to irritated skins and softness
to sensitive ones. Suitable for babies’skins as well as adults’, it can
provide true comfort.

Organic Argan oil : A rare and precious Nectar
In South West Morocco can be
found a rare tree: the Argan Tree.
On the list of the UNESCO World
Heritage, since 1998, this tree has
had a key role against desertification. Gamarde Dermatologic Laboratories have an active role to
help local workforce by buying
Argan Oil to a Berber women’s
cooperative. This golden virgin
oil is obtained by cold pressure of
Argan almonds and has precious

Its positive effects
Argan Oil is a unique, natural
Made up of 80% of Omega 6 fatty
acids and anti-oxydant natural Vitamin E, Argan Oil has unequaled
cosmetic properties. Its exceptional
hydrating, nutritive, repairing and
anti-ageing virtues bring all skin
types well-being and incomparable comfort.

The Gamarde Heritage

When Nature meets Man...

Our ranges are
developed, transformed and produced in France,
in Caillac, in the
Lot. Therefore, we
are committed to
the benefit of local employment,
and the defense
of our living environment. We also
jobs by supporting
fair-trade raw materials.

Environmental Responsability
the development of dermocosmetic products
certified Organic, 100% of natural origin, and
totally chemical-free*. In order to preserve the
resources of our environment, we only use
recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Our
cases are made from sustainably managed
forests and our inks are solvent- free.

Corporate Social Responsability
Man is placed at the center of our
concerns and it is Gamarde Laboratories’guideline. The pharmacy staff, properly trained and advised on Gamarde
dermocosmetics offer the customers
personalized care. Gamarde Laboratories are also involved in the creation
of partnership with institutions for disabled people to promote diversity, integration, and equality of opportunity.

Our involvements

We are determined to create Organic dermocosmetics of
100% natural origin, and in parallel respect values that matter
to us such as respect of Man and the Environment.

Experts in Dermatology, Gamarde Dermatologic
Laboratories develop highly efficient and safe care.
Thanks to the perfect control of the different stages of
the plant chain and strict control at every level of the
production process and of the finished product, you are
given all the guarantees for a safe use of the products.

Involved to offer ever
more performant cosmetics, Gamarde Cosmetic Laboratories can
give you all the guarantees about the efficiency and safety of their
products, thanks to a
panel of clinical studies
made under dermatological control by an independent body.

Gamarde Guarantees

Efficiency and Safety

Organic labelling
Our whole care range has been certified Organic by an official certification
body, Qualité France, in accordance with the COSMEBIO charter. Gamarde
Dermatologic Laboratories thereby ensure you natural cosmetics composed
of vegetal ingredients from Organic Farming that respect precise rules aimed
at enviromental protection.

COSMEBIO commitments, exact rules in terms of :
At least 95% of total ingredients have a natural origin
At least 95% of vegetal ingredients come from
Organic Farming
At least 10% of ingredients of the finished product
are certified Organic
Respect to customers
Exhaustive and clear information about the product
( mention of the certification body, ingredients that
come from Organic Farming,…)
Waste and scrap management
Facilities meeting strict ecological requirements

Gamarde Innovation
Being more Organic than the Organic Label
Thanks to a unique savoir-faire, Gamarde Dermatologic Laboratories have
been able to exceed the COSMEBIO specifications, by banning all ingredients
which are not of natural origin.


A pioneer in this field, we are today the only range of dermocosmetic care
certified Organic, that offers 100% natural products. This absolute guarantee is
based on ethics in terms of prevention, safety, and respect to consumers, that’s
why we can assert that all our products are:


Mineral oils,
Silicone, PEG,

- artificial ingredient and coloring*
- preservatives*, paraben, phenoxyethanol
- étoxylates (PEG), GMO



Natural ingredients :
Vegetal ingredients, water, oil, vegetal Oils

Allowed synthetic


Synthetic ingredients


mini 95%


Gamarde Water
Highly mineralized and rich in sulphur, Gamarde-les-Bains
Water has anti-irritant and anti-free radical properties.
Soothing, it brings comfort and hydration to reactive, sun
damaged skins. Ideal to cleanse young skins for better make
up removal.

Let cleansing be a pure moment of
Discover our range of body and face
treatments made to cleanse your reactive
and sensitive skin , that respects balance,
soothes and protects your epidermis.
Let a delicate shower freshen up your skin.
Crème de Douche
Skin comfort

Crème de Douche
Soothing effect

Crème de Douche




*Tested on 20 women’s very sensitive skin for 21 days - Eurofins

Hydratation Active
The solution for dehydrated sensitive skins...
Refresh thanks to a range of care enriched with
hyaluronic Acid of vegetal origin and with Aloe
Vera, powerful hydrating active ingredients.
Your skin is left hydrated and rejuvenated.
Voile Lacté

Crème Riche

Crème Ultra riche

Increase in hydration

Increase in hydration

Increase in hydration




* 1 h after application - Tested on 10 women - Institut Dermatologique d’ Aquitaine

Rejuvenating treatment for mature skins!
Specialized in skin ageing, the Près-Age range
is an instant and effective answer to restore
a smooth, firmed and radiant face, visibly
Sérum Nuit

Sérum Nuit

Sérum Nuit

Number of lines

Length of lines

Total surface of lines




*Tested on 20 women - Institut dermatologique d’Aquitaine

Nutrition Intense
When itchy and flaky, your skin feels tight...
Say no to dry skin.
Specific care for dry to ultra dry sensitive skins, the Nutrition Intense
range of treatment nourishes the epidermis for daily well-being and
comfort restoration.

For a beautiful and healthy skin...
Sebo-Control Care offers daily
cleansing . Imperfections are targeted, the pores refined, your
complexion is neat and matte.

Soins Correcteurs
Hide skin flaws and lighten up your complexion daily thanks to the Gamarde
range of Corrective Care.

Increase in


* 4 hours after application - Tested by Eurofins

Localized plump areas, weight gain, water retention.... Don’t wait,
take action! There are natural and efficient solutions!!
Concerned with meeting all the women’s needs in terms of balance and well-being, Gamarde Dermatologic Laboratories have
developed the Effislim range.

Gamarde Sun Care
Illuminated and protected, your skin
looks replendent!
Let your beauty shine thanks to a
range of sun care products, certified
organic and 100% of natural origin,
with mineral screens and free of
nanoparticles. The textures are
invisible, easy to spread and you can
enjoy sunbathing safely.


Gamarde Homme
Subject to razor burn, ingrown hairs, the influence of hormones
( spots, dilated pores, acne) and to environmental aggressions (
wind, pollution, UV), male skin needs specific treatment suiting its
Gamarde Men care brings comfort, nutrition and protection to
men’s sensitive skin.
Baume Hydratant
Increase in hydration


* 3h after application -Tested on 10 men - Institut Dermatologique d’Aquitaine

Gamarde Baby
Skin Care
Giving the babies the attention they deserve !
New-born babies have a fine and delicate skin. More than
ever, the irritating ingredients from pure chemistry, have to be
banned. That’s why Gamarde has developed a range of products, certified Organic and 100% of natural origin, suitable
for their sensitive skin. They have been tested by paediatricians
who have confirmed their hypoallergenic nature. Thus, these
little vulnerable beings can get good and safe care . Because
all the babies need to be pampered


Gamarde Health
For Gamarde, your health is a
Hygiene, Footcare Products,
Food Supplements. A wide
range of specific health care
that Gamarde, an expert in Skin
Care products, has developed
for the well-being and balance
of each individual.


Secret de Beauté
A myriad of daily body care for a sublime and enhanced beauty.
The exceptional and precious benefits of the active ingredients
will do wonders on your skin.

• Help by a sales animator available several
times a week if necessary when new products
are released*

Sales Aids

Sales Aids
• Staff training on products

• Recuring and percuting promotional offers
for customers, Samples, brochures, great
numbers of catalogs

* according to partnership conditions
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Laboratoires Dermatologiques Gamarde
Centre de recherche

Certified Organics Dermocosmetics and 100% of natural origin*
Laboratoires Dermatologiques Gamarde
✆ - Fax.

*Except Pain surgras Douceur and Beauté Pailletée

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