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An intimate documentary,
a photographic and philosophical openness to the surviving memory.

A publishing project supported by The Japan Foundation

Photography and text : Naoya HATAKEYAMA
French translation : Corinne QUENTIN
English translation : Marc FEUSTEL
Graphic design : Suzuki SEIICHI
Published November 5, 2013

Towards the Kesen River
Something is happening. Not here, somewhere far away, in that familiar place, something
huge is coming to pass. I cannot see what is going on from where I am now. I waited a little, in
the faint hope that someone might be able to tell me something, but it seems that no one can
do anything for me. I have no other choice than to move somewhere where I will be able to see
what is happening. But motion is time. I will need this time, probably several days, to reach
my destination. But in a few days I should be able to see. And to understand. What has
happened to my town, my home, my family, I should finally be able to understand everything.
However, for the few days that the journey will take, I will still have seen nothing. I must move
forward without knowing anything.
The answers to my questions must already exist there, they must already be waiting for me.
Was everything spared or not, the outcome must already be known.

Extract from KESENGAWA

136 pages, 19 x 30 cm, 81 pictures
Hardcover, square back with sewn binding
128 pages using four-color printing on Magno Satin paper 170 gr, FSC certified
8 pages printed on Munken paper 150 gr
Bilingual edition (French & English)
ISBN 9782953790856
35,00 € incl. V.A.T.
More images at :

The first part of the book is the story told by Naoya Hatakeyama, who embarks on a motorcycle
trip towards the North of the island after the earthquake, a trip made difficult due to heavy
snowing, the absence of fuel, and detours caused by destroyed roads.
Concurrently, the book shows reminiscence of happy days in his hometown, Rikuzentakata. It
combines thoughts, movements, memories and images from Naoya’s mind on his way to this
destroyed city.
In the second part of the book, there is no text but only photographs taken after the disaster.
The extent of the erasure causes bewilderment, as much for Naoya as to the reader.
At last, in an afterword that felt like a matter of necessity, the photographer, but probably any
other person confronted with such drama, finds elements for his own consolation, between
memory and heritage.

KESENGAWA is the French and English edition of a book published in Japan by KAWADE SHOBO SHINSHA
in 2012. Some photos were changed by mutual agreement with the author.

Naoya Hatakeyama
1997 Winner of the 22nd Kimura Ihei Memorial Photography Award
2000 Winner of the 16th Higashikawa Dometic Photographer Prize
2001 Winner of the 42nd Mainichi Award of Art
2003 Winner of the Photographer of the Year Award from The Photographic Society of Japan
2012 Winner of the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts
Winner of the Golden Lion For Best National Participation at the 13th International Architecture
Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia.
2012 «Natural Stories», San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
2011 «Terrils», Coalface Gallery, Gent, Belgium
« Natural Stories», Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
« Natural Stories», Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

M, Le magazine du Monde n° 122
- 18 January 2014, p. 94

- January 2014, p.12

« Very moving and powerful »
(Martin Barnes, Senior Curator, Photographs Department, V & A)
« A very important book »
(Sandra Phillips, Senior Curator of Photography, SFMoma)
« Truly extraordinary and the production is exemplary in every way »
(Phillip Prodger, Curator of Photography, Peabody Essex Museum)
« A compelling acknowledgment both of beauty and pain, and thus
a contradiction at the center of our lives »
(Robert Adams, photographer)

Zoom Japan n° 35 - November 2013, p.12

Also by Naoya Hatakeyama and published by LIGHT MOTIV


LILLE METROPOLE INFO n° 87, December 2011, p. 28

Photography and texts : Naoya HATAKEYAMA
98 pages, 25 x 30 cm
Hardcover - Square back with sewn binding
Trilingual edition (French, English and Japanese),
no title on the cover
35,00 € all taxes included
ISBN 9782953790818
TERRILS (or spoil tips) is the result of an encounter between Naoya Hatakeyama and the mining
area of the Nord-Pas de Calais region in France,
where he was a photographer in residence in
2009-2010, an initiative organised and financed
by the group Les Lieux.
The work of Naoya Hatakeyama was exhibited
from February 1 to March 1 2010 at the Centre
Historique Minier in Lewarde - France’s largest
coal mining museum - under the name «Les
Voici, Colosses» («Here they are, Collossi»).

12 February 2010

« Building on the tiny elements which have
survived thirty years into this present future, on
recollections which are fading fast, on all the
photographs which can be collected and on all
the words uttered, we must use our imaginations
to extend the memories of others. If we do not do
this, a story will be lost and disappear for ever. »
Extract from Terrils

More images at :
«Les montagnes tombées du ciel», photo portfolio from the book TERRILS

RéPONSES PHOTO n° 238, January 2012, p. 36
Rated 5/5 for printing quality, quality-price ratio, graphic design and personal input.

Photographic agency and publishing house

éditions Light Motiv
39, rue du Pré Catelan
Director : Eric Le Brun
For orders, please contact us at
+33 (0)3 20 06 90 98

© Naoya Hatakeyama

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