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Baptiste Gratzmuller

for punK
« Concerto for punK » is a
project where I was interested
in Punks. This serie mixes
photos taken during concerts
and others taken at the art
of classical painting. The soft
light added to the centering
gives a theatral side to each
shoot. I like punks because I
found them gorgeous, with
their tattoos, their crests and
their piercing, they are living works of art. This is why
I wanted to sublimated by
photographing them on this
way. I confronted those photo shoots with the « reality »
shown by pictures taken on
the deep of a concert


« Wars » is a projet where
I simulated a war in photo shoots, a confrontation. I
was inspired by images coming from newspapers and
the television. I saw that like
a show that I staged myself.
Some shoots are nearly abstract. I’d like to think that they
are kind of modern paintings


The next shoots were chosen
from difference series that I
made. They are really different from each other, but
put together they tell a story, something disturbing, a
surreal story. Those shoots
are, finally, free to be interpreted with the felt of each
one another.


Here are the shoots of the
making off from two of my
videos. I’m rather showing
those photos then to take pictures of my movies, because
I found they represent better the spirit of my videos.
Even if they are taken from
two different videos, together those shoots create a
mock-heroic univers. When
I’m filming I love to take back
themes I specially love, like
punk or redoing cheap and
cliché scenes. The video allowed me to express my self
more freely.
Links to my latest videos:
-Opera Monkey
-Garage Animal

This project is still in progress. I’ve asked to children
between 6 and 10 to draw
themselves with their family
at their home. Then I went
to their home and took their
family in photos with the
drawing as a canvas.
Even if in most of the photo
shoots I tried to be as close as
possible from the drawing, in
some shoots I took the liberty to add some life in it by
creating movements with the
family members.
What interests me in that
projet is the link between the
sight of the child and the reality. The way the child draw
himself with his family and the
story that is tell on this one,
and by extension the story of
our «moderns» families

Born in 1988 in Paris, France.
In 2007, I made a preparatory year at ateliers de Sèvre in Paris.
Then from 2008 to 2012 I studied at ECAL
(School of fine art and design) in Lausanne.
And finished with a bachelor in visual communication with a specialization in photography.
During my study I had the opportunity to
take part of different workshop, in particular with Paolo Roversi, Stephen Burger and
Brice Dellsperger.
I also had the chance to assist Thomas
Maïlender with one of his workshops

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