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6-to-18 months internship
nternship offer –Venture
Venture Capital analyst position
Academic Background:
Professional Experience:
Personal Skills:

Top business or engineering school, last year (or “césure”) student
Entrepreneurial / Start-up experience is a plus
Strong interest in the new technologies and digital businesses
Fluency in English and French required

We are currently looking for an additional analyst,
analyst ideally to start inQ4 2014. We are looking for students having recently graduated or in
their last year of studies to join our office in Paris for a 6-to-18 month period (to be determined).
If you need more information regarding Partech Ventures, please visit our website:

About Partech International:
Founded in 1982, Partech is a leader in venture capital and is based in Europe (Paris
and Berlin)) and the US (San
Francisco). We
focus on high-growth opportunities in Internet
nternet and Information Technology.. Specific areas we invest in include e-commerce, Digital
Media, Software and Telecom. In each of these areas, we look for companies with a disruptive approach and clear leadership potential.
Our partners have been working together for many years and therefore collaborate seamlessly throughout the investment lifecyc
lifecycle of our
portfolio companies. Our seasoned industry experts in Europe and the US leverage a global network in order to generate an international
sourcing of the best projects and due diligence abilities. This unique approach of international collaboration and tight team culture allows
us to "think globally and act locally",
", and ultimately add value to the ambition of our Entrepreneurs.

Some of our investments include: Largest
argest independent video sharing website worldwide – sold to Orange
Brands4Friends: Leading private sales club in Germany – sold to eBay Leading on-line
line ticketing platform – sold to Vivendi
Invensense : Best-performing
performing IPO on the NYSE from the class of 2011
Qype : European leader of local businesses reviews – sold to Yelp

About the position:
Your duties as an analyst will include:
Sourcing companies using specialized online newspapers, social networks and by attending conferences
Meeting entrepreneurs in their fundraising process, analyzing their companies and selecting the most interesting ones;
Taking part in the due diligence processes that are mandatory before any investment;
Drawing up the investment memorandums for the realized transactions;
porting our portfolio companies:
companies: business development, market intelligence, financial reporting…etc;
And lastly, be pro-active
active concerning marketing and communication around Partech (Website, social media, blog…)

Skills requirement:
The analyst will have shown a deep interest in the new technologies / internet ecosystem. Curiosity is a must-have characteristic in
order to work in the VC industry: Partech is fond of people who think outside the box. Analytical skills are necessary to be able to keep
up with this fast-paced
paced environment: tens of companies have to be analyzed each week on different criteria (Techno/IP/Market/Business
model/Scalability/Management). On top of that, we love daring and entrepreneur-minded people who take initiatives and are able to
quickly work autonomously.. Of course, ability to work both in French and English is required. German would be a plus.

o apply, please send an email with your resume, cover letter and links to your online presence (Twitter, Blog) -if
relevant- attached to:

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