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21-22 juin 2014

Press release
Tunisia Business Event 2014 - Tunis 21/22 June 2014

More than 300 business leaders and investors worldwide have planned to meet on Saturday 21 and
Sunday, June 22, 2014 in Tunis, during the Tunisia Business Event. Several experts will present to the
investment in Tunisia and to conquer new markets opportunities.

A chance encounters "between Businessmen"

Today, Tunisian businessmen are facing an economic crisis in this period of post revolution.
Taken by the daily business progress, they tend to find new successful business opportunities. New
partners can help to overcome the current difficulties.... The TBE'14 is a great occasion to make these
opportunities come true.
"In this type of event, entrepreneurs and investors come with one goal in mind: Find new
opportunities that provide maximum benefit. We must not forget that everyone meets and also speaks:
Exporters meet importers, investors meet entrepreneurs, and there is a real side business. Ideas are
born, projects materialize and the Tunisian economy grows. "Specifies one of the organizers

Department of Communication
Tel: (+216) 71 255 108
Web :

39 Avenue Habib Bourguiba 1000 Tunis
MF : 1354021C/A/M/000
Fixe / Fax : 71255108
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