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Re: Account Number

Kalusha Bwalya
Najeeb Chirakal
December 2, 2009 10:06:10 PM

Dear Najeeb,
Please convey from the bottom of my heart and the football family of Zambia my sincere gratitude to the President Bin
Hammam for the kind gesture. I am in Cape Town for the World Cup draw and will meet him there I am sure.
Many kind regards,
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-----Original Message----From: Najeeb Chirakal
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 13:55:58
To: Kalusha Bwalya
Subject: Account Number
Dear President
Mr Bin Hammam conveys his best regard to you.
Please find attached copy of bank receipt for an amount of US$ 50,000 transferred to your account.
Thank you
Kind regards
Najeeb Chirakal
Presidents Office |Asian Football Confederation
707 Olympic Tower | West Bay | Doha - Qatar
Tel: (974)
| Fax: (974)
| Mob: (974)
-----Mohamed Bin Hammam wrote: ----To: Najeeb Chirakal
From: Mohamed Bin Hammam
Date: 03/11/2009 16:57
Subject: Account Number
---------------From: Kalusha Bwalya
Sent: 27 October 2009 15:54
To: Mohamed Bin Hammam
Subject: Account Number
Dear President Bin Hammam,
Thank you for the opportunity that you have given to me today for a meeting. I do appreciate your busy schedule.
As per our conversation, please Mr President if you could assist me with about 50 thousand Dollars for my Football
Association and personal expenditures. I hope to repay you in the near future, as the burden is a little bit too hard for
me at this moment.
Please Send to Kalusha Bwalya
Standard Chartered Bank Zambia PLC
Account number 87
Sort Code
Swift Code SC
Travel safely and wishing you happy meetings at FIFA.
00000001 1346934

Many kind regards,
Football Association of Zambia
8 (roaming)

00000001 1346934

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