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Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer
Sciences of Beja

‘Interdisciplinarity Beyond the Divide’ is meant to blurr the
lines between the three different disciplines, namely, linguistics,
literature and civilization. This conference will not only disseminate
knowledge established by writing research, but it will also create a







perspectives will thus be highlighted.
In an era where borders are challenged, writing goes beyond the
rigid categorizations of disciplines. Researchers need to strengthen
multi-voicedness and promote writing across or even beyond the
A myriad of key questions will be at the heart of the debates
and discussions: What are the implications of research writing in the
21st century? Are there methodological differences between papers
on literature/history and papers on linguistics? What are the
implications of multidisciplinarity for teaching? What bearing does
the "blurring of lines" have on the notions of "mainstream," of the
"canonical"? What are the implications of multidisciplinarity for
teaching staff recruitment, evaluation and promotion?

We invite abstracts of 300 words for papers of 20 minutes length.
Contributions to the conference may include but are not limited to the
following topics :
Interdisciplinarity in the 21st century
Writing the Personal/Political/Cultural
Translation Curriculum
Literature and Pragmatics
Literature and Semiotics
Minority Literatures
Anglophone Jewish Literature
Cultural Studies and Discourse Analysis
Literary theories and Linguistic theories
Versatile Writing
Writing about Contact-zones
Writing versus. Orality
Diaspora(s) and Multiculturalism(s)

Please e-mail abstracts of 300 words along with a short biography no
later than July 27th, 2014 to:
Applicants will be notified of acceptance by the 5th of September 2014.

Conference Scientific Steering Committee :
 Pr. Mohamed Mansouri (University of Manouba)
 Dr. Bachar Aloui (University of Montréal, Canada)
 Dr. Faiza Derbel (University of Manouba)
 Dr. Nourchene Sadkaoui (University of Jendouba)
 Dr. Romdhane El Ouri (University of Jendouba)
 Dr. Sami Chatti (University of Manouba)

Conference Organizers:
Coordinator : Mrs. Imen Mzoughi

Members :
 Mr. Romdhane El Ouri (University of Jendouba)
 Mrs. Imen Ganouni Khemiri (University of Jendouba)
 Mrs. Asma Dhouioui (University of Jendouba)
 Mrs. Nourchene Sadkaoui (University of Jendouba)
 Mr. Hamda Tebra (University of Jendouba)
 Mrs. Yosra Amraoui (University of Sousse)

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