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Train in the HEART OF HOLLYWOOD with your favorite industry professionals…

Hollywood Academie
The intensive Program
What you can expect…

The Intensive Program


We have planned an exciting week of classes and events for dancers
ages 18+. Select teachers from our world-renowned faculty such
Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake), Chachi Gonzales (Britney
Spears), Chaz Buzan (Madonna), Bryan Tanaka (Beyonce,
Rihanna), Nick Demoura(Justin Bieber), Matt Steffanina (Snoop,
Chris Brown), plus special guest instructors will be joining us daily
from 9am to 6pm to bring you the best training that LA has to

The Intensive Program

Classes will include instruction in jazz, hip hop, contemporary, jazz funk...
The week will culminate in a video shoot that will feature all students
performing select choreography, which they will learn throughout the
intensive. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in our
special event activities such as a headshot photography session and an
industry talk with top dance agents and professionals. We are hoping to
bring you a week full of fun and dance as can only be experienced in
sunny Los Angeles!


While training students will enjoy living the "LA lifestyle" . Our Hotel
location is steps away from the dancing school & famous Chinese Theatre
and Dolby Theatre (The Oscars) as well as walking distance from many
top restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, theaters, and shopping areas.
Additionally, The academie is a short metro ride away from Universal
Studios, Downtown LA, and a variety of attractions and museums.


Tuition: $3,300


Ground Transportation from Airport/Hotel


Hotel Room (2 students per room)




Classes-Worshop-Masterclasses from 9am to 6pm


Hollywood Tour


Audition for Los Angeles’s most reputable casting agencies

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