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You must receive many letters itemising the effect that Aloe Vera has had on the
Personally, I have always been inclined to dismiss such recommendations, whatever they
were praising, as being the over-enthusiastic reactions of those who had happened to
obtain some slight relief from the named product or who merely imagined the product had
helped them.
For that reason I have refrained from putting in writing the many ways in which your Aloe
Vera has given me so much relief from pain. However, I think it worth bringing to your
attention a case that cannot be psychologically motivated or in any way imaginary.
My 13-year old dog suffered very badly from osteo-arthritis and when he stood up his
joints cracked so much it was painful to hear. My wife suggested that, as I had obtained
so much relief from Aloe Vera that we gave the dog some. Within three or four days the
joint cracking stopped and he was again running around like a much younger animal.
This improvement has been maintained for almost a year now and we have learned to
vary the dosage as required. What we cannot do is stop it altogether or, the next day, the
joints start cracking.
Now 14 1/2 years of age, the dog is able to lead an active and enjoyable life and there is
nothing imaginary about that. But then neither is there anything imaginary about the way
Forever Living Aloe has helped me.

B. N. Forbes

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