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Ikea lamps
60rmb for both

(Pixar fan, anyone ?)

140rmb 60rmb

Carpet from Ikea
Red, 1m40x80cm
400rmb 200rmb

Bedding set (Ikea)
Pillows, sheets,
bedspreads, etc…
-King size & Queen size-


Set of 6 wine glasses- 50rmb


60rmb for everything

Set of assorted plates/bowls
(white or black) from Ikea

Nice Chinese-style plates – 40rmb

60rmb everything (Ikea)

Wooden fruits bowls – 40rmb for both

Electric oven (Carrefour)
350rmb 180rmb

6 Mason jars (Metro)
perfect for preserving food and even more
perfect for home infused vodka – 70rmb

For 1 pastry set bought,
get the gym mat and the
jumping rope FOR FREE !!!

Pastry set (utensil for beating/whipping
ingredients, kitchen scale, different molds, etc…)

Tea kettle, water pitcher, Italian coffee maker, tea pot – all for 60rmb

Wooden cutting boards + set
of knives (Ikea) – 100rmb

Mixer with accessories (juices, shake,…)
200rmb 100rmb

And a lot of other stuffs, including :
 2 sets of curtains (1st one made of a thin white fabric / 2nd one, dark khaki color,
much thicker, the sun cannot get through)
 1 electric heater
 1 vacuum
 ….

If you have any question or would like more pictures, please feel free to ask!
You can call me or –preferably - send me a text at this number : 131 2670 2055
or contact me via Wechat : heloiselagille

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