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It’s a looker!
Introducing the Chery J2 – the striking new hatch that’s bound to leave you
feeling a whole lot sexier, without leaving you penniless.
It may be conveniently compact, but its clean lines and sporty presence make
very bold statements. And when it comes to standard features, performance
and affordability, it leaves most of its competitors far behind.

On the outside
The J2 brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hot hatch’
with a sleek and uncomplicated design philosophy that is evident
at every angle.

Large headlamps and an aggressive grille inflate its fiery
personality, while the combination rear light clusters complete
the overall flowing lines, flawlessly.

Street credibility is further maximised by the 15-inch,
10-spoke alloy wheels and the colour-coded side
mirrors, both of which come standard. All in all, you’re
sure to make an entrance no matter where it is you
may arrive.

On the inside
The J2’s cabin is a great place to be, thanks to the uncluttered
layout that echoes the exterior styling. All the right parts are
right at your fingertips, and real comfort is achieved thanks
to the fully adjustable air-conditioning system
and the ergonomically designed seating.

The J2 also boasts a well-organised instrument cluster,
giving you all the information you need at a simple glance.

Entertainment is delivered courtesy of a Radio/CD/MP3 player
with six speakers. This system includes a convenient USB
interface, allowing you to plug in your favourite external
audio gadget and play all of your tunes.

There is ample room for five adults and 270 litres of boot space for whatever
it is you may need to carry on your journey. This, of course, can be vastly
increased when necessary, simply by folding down the rear seats.

Parts and after-sales service
Chery boasts a national dealer network, giving you the peace of mind and after-sales
service you deserve. Expect exceptional parts and service pricing to keep you
and your Chery on the road.

Surprising performance
and handling
Expect respectable power and economy from the 16-valve,
four-cylinder, 1.5-litre engine. Maximum output is 72kW
at 6 000rpm, while maximum torque of 140Nm is achieved
at 4 500rpm. All this is sent to the wheels by means of
a sharp five-speed manual transmission.
MacPherson strut suspension in the front of the vehicle
and trailing arms with coils at the rear ensure confident
and precise handling. Of course, this also means the J2
offers smooth sailing for all passengers.

Safety comes standard
You’ll always feel secure in the J2, thanks to a range of safety
features. These include the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS),
Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), side-door collision
bars, dual front airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners.
What’s more, an alarm and immobiliser make sure that your
J2 is always where you left it.

Chery J2 1.5 TX – Equipment and Specifications

Note: Specifications are subject to change
without prior notice. E&OE.

Chery SA is a joint venture between Bidvest Limited
and Imperial Holdings – South Africa’s leading motor
retailers. Every Chery is created to incorporate
a multitude of engineering and safety features.

5 Year Roadside Assistance
For more information visit www.cherysa.co.za
or call 0861 757 555

August 2013


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